Airfare Deals hotel and travel deals 2015-Q2 San Francisco Vietnam

United SFO-SGN Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam $728 April or $740 August

United Airlines SFO-SGN Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam has fares as low as $728 for travel in April and first week of May. Fares are $100 to $300 higher mid-May til late August when fares drop back down to $740.

Outbound flight is operated by Japan’s ANA via Tokyo and inbound is via two segments on Philippine Airlines to Manila, then Tokyo, then United Airlines from Japan connecting  back to SFO.

United Airlines booking SFO-SGN roundtrip

Monday, April 20 – Monday, May 4, 2015


SFO-SGN UA $735 April20-May 4-2015

United and United codeshare flights on ANA are United K booking class.

Alternative Routing: Asiana Airlines SFO-SGN via Seoul $766 roundtrip

Fly Asiana Airlines SFO to Seoul and you may find a better 4-segment itinerary. Some Asiana routings allows overnight transit in Seoul at no additional cost.  Yesterday, the same dates as the above United itinerary were available on Asiana for $766.

Asiana is not an option for a two-week trip April 20 to May 4 today, but here is a sample itinerary flying Asiana April 13 to May 10 if you want a long duration trip in Southeast Asia for $766. This fare allows you to fly in April and return in September if you want to be an expat abroad.

SFO-SGN Asiana April 13-May10

OneWorld JAL routing SFO-YVR-HND-SGN rt $732

You can even fly Air Canada to Vancouver and fly JAL via Tokyo Haneda to Vietnam for $732 with an online travel agency booking like This itinerary lands you in Tokyo at 7am in the morning on the return with a midnight departure allowing for a full day wandering the city on a transit layover.

SFO-SGN April22-May7-2015-JAL $732

There are numerous airlines and different routings for flights from SFO to Vietnam for $730 to $780 with flight departures in April and early May before fares rise by $100 to $300 for summer months.