Mileage run? American Airlines LAX-Sao Paulo $689, SJC $703 or GRU-LAX $522 roundtrip

There are some deals today for travel on American Airlines from Los Angeles to Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Los Angeles LAX to Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU is down to $689 and there are many dates as late as June 23 with fare under $700 all-in round trip.

Originate in Sao Paulo and the round trip airfare for nonstop to LAX drops to $522 USD all-in. That seems like real mileage run potential with flight distance between LAX to GRU at 6,156 miles each way.

This post mostly covers Sao Paulo fares from LAX and SJC California.

But, if Rio de Janeiro is in your sights, April 1, 2015 is the day to fly.

April Fool’s Discount Fare

$780 to $820 LAX-GRU Los Angeles – Sao Paulo, Brazil

AeroMexico, American and United Airlines

Rio de Janeiro GIG is mostly $932 to $946 for most dates in April and May 2015, with one exception.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015, the price is $780 on Aeromexico via Mexico City or fly American Airlines via Miami for $820 (Q booking class) or same price for $820 United Airlines via Houston. This fare is available for return trips of one day to several weeks. Other dates are $150 more.

American Airlines Los Angeles LAX- Rio de Janeiro GIG via Miami


April 1 to April 9, 2015

LAX-GRU $819 AA April 1-9-2015

United Airlines Los Angeles LAX- Rio de Janeiro GIG via Houston


April 1 to April 9, 2015

LAX-RIO UA $819 April1-9-2015


American Airlines Los Angeles LAX – Sao Paulo GRU, Brazil $689 (nonstop flights)

Delta Airlines  Los Angeles LAX – Sao Paulo GRU, Brazil $703

San Jose SJC – Sao Paulo GRU, Brazil $703

American Airlines schedule is hard to beat with nonstop flight s between Los Angeles LAX and Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU.

LAX-GRU $688 AA May 13-27-2015

Delta Airlines Los Angeles LAX – Sao Paulo GRU, Brazil $703

LAX-GRU $703 DL May13-26-2015


San Jose SJC – Sao Paulo GRU, Brazil $703 American Airlines

You can pick up American in San Jose, California with a quick hop to LAX for the nonstop to Sao Paulo GRU. Delta will get you to Brazil from San Jose for the same price, but you need one or two USA connections.


Sao Paulo may not be your first choice destination for Brazil, but this deal gets you into deep South America and from Sao Paulo there are low cost flights for $200 or less to places like Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile and Asuncion, Paraguay. Or find local transportation to Amazon and northern beaches.

If you have frequent flyer miles to position yourself in Sao Paulo and want mileage run opportunities for American Airlines AAdvantage miles.

Sao Paulo – Los Angeles round trip American Airlines $522


The reverse fare from Sao Paulo GRU to Los Angeles LAX roundtrip is 1,684 BRL = $522 USD roundtrip for nearly any date through June 23.

xe 1685 BRL to $522 USD

Sao Paulo GRU to San Jose California SJC

$527 USD April 8 to May 5, 2015

American Airlines

GRU-SJC $1703 BRL AA April-May2015

The itinerary originating in Brazil is priced through the American Airlines Brazil website in Brazilian Real.

This is one low fare for travel between Brazil and California.

XE 1703 BRL $527

Sao Paulo, Brazil GRU to San Jose or LAX is $522 to $527 round trip for nearly every date to June 23, 2015.

Mileage run opportunity for AAdvantage members.

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