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Marriott Traveler launches with New Orleans travel tips

Marriott Traveler is a new site of curated material with local insight and tips on where to go for food, drink and entertainment, what to do for activities and relaxation, and where people are finding the clothing they are wearing.

Marriott Traveler launches with new Orleans travel tips. Articles are categorized by headings of culture, family, fashion, food & drink, travelcraft and zen.

Marriott Traveler

Quirky NOLA laws you should know before you go enlightened me on New Orlean’s enlightened smoking ban in bars taking effect April 30, 2015. Sounds like it might be time that I visit New Orleans and check out the scene.

Marriott Traveler New Orleans has useful resource material for travelers and from what I have read in the articles, Marriott Hotels are not infused into the article writing. Instead, Marriott has separate sponsored links on the webpages embedded beside articles.

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Articles for New Orleans brunch and handcrafted cocktails each describe four restaurants and bars, and as far as I can tell in a quick read and a few link clicks, none of the eight places are a Marriott-brand hotel location in New Orleans.

Marriott Traveler embeds ‘sponsored’ links on the page – “Find a hotel  that can host your entire party” looks like the other articles, but the link goes to a page for New Orleans Marriott brand hotels.

The Marriott Hotels link goes to a page listing the 23 Marriott brand hotels in the New Orleans area.

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Marriott Traveler looks promising as a travel destination resource. The limitation currently is the site only has one destination – New Orleans.

Marriott Traveler – New Orleans.

Hey, Marriott Traveler, I am a local if you get around to creating a travel guide for Monterey, California.