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Seattle Hong Kong $533, Seattle Tokyo HND $604 May 2015 travel

United Airlines and partner ANA have some deep discount fare deals to Hong Kong and Tokyo for May 2015 travel. Seattle – Hong Kong $533 all-in after tax and fees is quite a deal.

The schedules I looked at truly sucked with flight departures and arrivals at all hours of the day and night. But, if you really want a low airfare to Asia, $533 from Seattle to Hong Kong in the month of May rates highly as a deep discount.

SEA-HKG $533 United

$533 is quite a deal out of Seattle.

SEA-HKG 533 flights May 2015

A 2-hour layover at midnight in Haneda Airport and 5am arrival in Hong Kong is not a desirable schedule. The return is brutal with three flights and little time to rest at Tokyo or San Francisco before jumping on the next plane to arrive in Seattle at 10pm after 19 hours. This is for the die-hard who can suffer through economy class seating for 19 hours across the Pacific Ocean. You will know from experience the size of the Pacific is much larger than the Atlantic Ocean when crossing the vast distance on a plane.

SEA-HKG 533 flight return May 2015


Seattle – Tokyo Haneda HND $604 United/ANA

Seattle – Tokyo Haneda HND $604 most dates in May and some in April.

SEA-HND 533 UA May


Is this your best flight deal?

Looks like United traded frequent flyer miles for lower airfares in brutal economy based on low airfare to Europe and Asia in the past few days. I kind of like the trade-off in 2015 if it means there will be more opportunities to buy low cost international flights. There are several good travel destinations at affordable prices for flights.

Here are two articles that caught my attention with regard to the rush of planning needed to buy short-lived deals like these flight fares will likely be.

Travel Codex – Another Mistake Fare?! Quick, Upend Your Life!

I have wasted thousands of dollars on mistake fare flights I never flew over the past 15 years. Work got in the way.

Trips with Tykes – When Is a Travel Deal Not Really a Deal?

With experience you learn how to travel with others. Personally, I can take discomfort for an extended period. I’ve flown 8,000 miles before in an economy class middle seat. Do I like it? Shit, no. The question becomes a matter of priorities. I prefer more money for ground expenses so I look to minimize airfare cost.

The hours for this Seattle – Hong Kong $533 airfare deal are harsh. I could do the itinerary and probably have a great time by myself. I am a born traveler.

But, like Trips with Tykes, travel with my wife Kelley is a different plan. I have to plan schedules that don’t overstress her. Kind of like family travel with a kid. Otherwise, Kelley will be kicking your seat through the flight.


  • Lark March 19, 2015

    “I have wasted thousands of dollars on mistake fare flights I never flew over the past 15 years. Work got in the way.”

    I appreciate your honesty.

  • Yoshi Fukei March 21, 2015

    How many days I can stay in Tokyo?

  • Yoshi Fukei March 21, 2015

    How long I can stay in Tokyo

  • Yoshi Fukei March 21, 2015

    How long I can stay in Tokyo.

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