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Park Hyatt Zanzibar open in Stone Town UNESCO Heritage Site with 5,000 bonus points and tiny square feet

To celebrate the opening of the first Park Hyatt in Africa, Hyatt Gold Passport members can earn 5,000 bonus points for stays that include 2 nights or more between April 1, 2015 and June 30, 2015.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar opened last week in the historic beachfront of Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is the 36th Park Hyatt hotel worldwide. Stone Town is the old city part of the island Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania and an historic spice and slave trading center of East Africa. Stone Town architecture is mostly 19th century, dating to the days when the city became the capital of the Sultanate of Oman in 1840. Zanzibar became a British Protectorate in 1890 and gained independence in 1963.

Stone Town consists of a maze of narrow alleys, most too small for cars. Architecture is a blend of Arab, African, European, Persian and Indian styles with reddish coral stone the predominant building material used. Finely crafted decorative wooden doors are one of the prominent features of Stone Town architecture.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

The beachfront Park Hyatt Zanzibar hotel is housed in two buildings. Mambo Msiige is a UNESCO heritage building and an example of the typical design of a Zanzabari mansion centered around a courtyard. A new build section of the Park Hyatt is the Zamani Residence, designed to blend a contemporary structure with the historic architecture.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar features 67 rooms including 11 suites. Oceanfront rooms feature views of Dhow Harbour and the Indian Ocean.

The hotel features Anantara Spa.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar

Park Hyatt Zanzibar Room Rates

There are a variety of room rates shown when clicking on the 5,000 bonus points offer ZANZI.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar rates

Park Hyatt Zanzibar April 15-17, 2015

$345 USD – Culture at the Park includes a Spice Tour and one lunch per stay.

$345 USD – Pamper at the Park includes one spa treatment per stay and daily breakfast.

$420 USD – Romance at the Park includes daily breakfast and 2 hour dhow (harbor dhow boat ride) experience.

$455 USD Halfboard rate includes daily breakfast and dinner.

$638 Suite Promo includes a suite room.

Park Hyatt Math Conversion mistakenly measures tiny square feet

What caught my eye on the Park Hyatt room description page is the metric units conversion from square meters to square feet.

The conversion shown on the Hyatt website grossly understates the room size in square feet. When I looked at the Park Suite King and saw a room size of 325 square feet, I knew something was wrong.

Standard guestrooms at Park Hyatt Zanzibar are 45 to 50 square meters. The hotel website conversion states 45 square meters is a 147-square ft. room. A general rule of thumb is one square meter = 10 square feet. 145 square feet would be one tiny luxury hotel standard room.

Park King

Enjoy a stay in a spacious 45-sq. meter (147-sq. ft.) guestroom with prominent Stone Town or hotel garden views plus complimentary breakfast. 

Park Hyatt Zanzibar website

45 square meters = 484 sq. ft.

Park Suite King of 100 square meters is 1,076 square feet. That is spacious. Substantially more room space than stated with the website conversion at 328 square feet for the Park Suite suite. The suite room size in square feet is more than triple the size stated on the hotel website.

Park Hyatt Zanzibar suite


  • Ric Garrido March 19, 2015

    Just read John Olilla’s hotel review of Park Hyatt Zanzibar from his stay last week in a suite with photos. Room is definitely larger than 325 square feet.

  • mpk620 March 20, 2015

    It’s just a simple conversion error where they used the linear conversion from meters to feet (1 meter = 3.28 feet) rather than the area conversion from square meters to square feet (1 square meter = 10.76 square feet). 10.76 is 3.28*3.28, so their number is in fact off by a factor of 3.28.

  • Potreroflyr March 20, 2015

    I believe the Park Hyatt Johannesburg is the first Park Hyatt in Africa.

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