AA $2 fare SFO-Stockholm for $695 all-in June/July departures

Following up on United Airlines $595 flights from DFW, MIA and PHL yesterday (fare deal gone), comes another USA-Europe discount fare from American Airlines, US Airways and British Airways from California to Scandinavian airports with Stockholm and Copenhagen on sale for $695 with July travel possible.

The base fare is $1 each way. This is not a mistake fare.


Like yesterday’s discount fare for Stockholm, this one will likely be gone before the end of day.

Loyalty Traveler – [Fare Gone] Fare Alert: UA $594 DFW, MIA, PHL to Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm in July 2015 (March 18, 2015)

I have tracked fares from California to Europe for more than a decade. Outside of a mistake fare, these past couple of days have offered the lowest fares in years for July travel to Europe. Getting to Europe from the USA is the expensive part. Once in Stockholm or Copenhagen, low cost carriers will take you just about any place in Europe for under $200 round trip.

Prices are slightly lower for travel in April and May.

The Flight Deal

American $651 LAX- Copenhagen, Denmark.

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  1. Jumped on pricing this since I live in SF and want to take the kids to Scandinavia this summer. But the two stops are a deal killer – most of these itineraries are 24+ hours in transit. Norwegian flies OAK to ARN non-stop in about 10 hours and I’m seeing RT fares not much over $900 for the same time period. Granted it’s a low cost carrier so there would be extras, but the savings come at too great a cost. Such is the travel life with little ones…

  2. My wife actually prefers shorter flights.

    My thought is the major carriers are trying to undercut Norwegian’s most profitable dates in summer by undercutting Norwegian’s summer fares from the USA.

    My main thing is flying from California to Europe without an east coast stopover. That can be done outbound, but hard to find inbound.

  3. My parents actually prefer several short flights to one long flight too. With kids, I just want to get on that plane once and power through, hoping they sleep most of the time. Very interesting perspective this is perhaps Norwegian driven.

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