Radisson Blu FireLake Grill House, Mall of America and Minneapolis

The past couple of weeks I have been thinking about FireLake Grill House at Radisson Blu Mall of America. I stayed at the hotel in February 2014 for the Radisson Americas Conference, courtesy of Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. That was my fifth year attending the annual conference. I missed the 2015 conference.

FireLake Grill House

The reason I have been thinking about Radisson Blu FireLake Grill House is a recent spring cleaning of our kitchen cabinets when we tossed all kinds of old spices into the garbage. A couple of the keepers were two bottles of spice I received from the Radisson Blu Mall of America conference last year.

FireLake spices

FireLake Northwoods Grilling Spice – A rich, mellow spice blend from the Northern Heartland that delivers the flavor of hardwood grilling with or without the grill.

FireLake Tornado Spice – Bold, spicy flavor that will blow your taste buds away – flavor, not heat.

FireLake Grill-1

In our household, I am the chef who prepares 95% of our meals. We primarily eat “blue packaged” seafood with nearly every dinner for our meals at home. In the past two weeks I have prepared Alaskan cod, steelhead trout, Ahi tuna, Pacific wild salmon, Pacific Petrale sole, farmed tilapia and a couple of crab meals with Dungeness and Snow crabs. is my guide and keeps me from buying items like imported farmed shrimp, which I find frequently labeled as ‘Product of Vietnam’ at low prices in the 50% off seafood section of my local grocery store.

FireCreek spices have become a part of our meals, along with a load of tumeric, which my wife insists on eating in high doses on all kinds of cooked vegetables and fish.

FireLake Bar

Minneapolis Radisson Blu opened up after my trip to the city in February 2014.

Rad Blu FireLake

There are now two FireLake Grill House restaurants and bars in the area with downtown Radisson Blu Minneapolis and Radisson Blu Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota, about 10 miles south of downtown. All my FireLake photos are from Radisson Blu Mall of America.

FireLake Grill House Minneapolis ranks TripAdvisor #40 of 1,609 Minneapolis restaurants.


I don’t see a store component to FireLake Grill House. At the rate I am using the spices, I’ll be out of FireLake spices by May 2015.

Radisson Blu Mall of America

Radisson Blu Minneapolis Downtown

FireLake Grill House

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  1. A “rich, mellow spice blend” – i would have thought rich and mellow were opposites.

  2. @Matt B – I just placed my finger in the spice jars.

    Northwoods grilling spice is peppery and hot.

    Tornado spice is probably more appropriately described as rich, mellow. Now my taste buds want to make something Italian-style.

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