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Spirit Airlines $34.50 sale today makes Florida accessible for $69 each way from western states

Spirit Airlines $34.50 sale today is the second day of a two-day sale offering flights at $34.50 one way. The promotion is advertised as $69 round trip sale, but you do not have to book a round trip ticket. There are specific routes and dates in April and May with this discount airfare. Sale ends at 11:59pm March 17. No time zone is given.

Spirit 69 Sale

I have flown Spirit for one trip from Oakland to Denver, California. My checked bag went to Florida and showed up in Denver about 24 hours later.

Still, despite my bad history with Spirit Airlines, I looked over the routes offered at $34.50 one way and found some flights that work well to combine with the “Drive out of Florida’ low car rental rates for drivers who take a car one-way from Florida to some other state during April and May 2015.

Los Angeles, Oakland and San Diego are California airports offering $34.50 flights. You can’t get to the east coast on one $34.50 Spirit flight, but two flights at $34.50 each will get you to several east coast airports from Boston to Fort Lauderdale.

California to Florida for $69 on Spirit Airlines

My entire purpose for checking out Spirit Airlines low fare routes is a desire to go to Florida and take a rental car road trip. I did that for one week last year and I had a blast seeing historic St. Augustine, partying in Savannah and discovering history in Charleston, SC. I even spotted an alligator in the South Carolina swamps before traveling by auto ferry to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and touring Kitty Hawk, where the Wright Brothers were the first men to accomplish airplane flight.

Loyalty TravelerDrive out of Florida rental car deals April and May 2015 (March 13, 2015)

Spirit Airlines $34.50 one-way fares makes another trip to Florida quite affordable for the car rental deals.

Spirit OAK 69 routes

Spirit Airlines $34.50 routes from Oakland are limited to Chicago ORD, Dallas DFW and Houston IAH.

The times do not necessarily allow same day travel to reach Florida. I looked for flights on consecutive days where I can fly our of Oakland and reach Chicago or Dallas or Houston with one flight and then fly to Florida on the next day.

Spirit DAL 69

Dallas DFW offers Spirit flights to airports all over the country. Flying to Baltimore, Boston, Minneapolis, Myrtle Beach, New Orleans, New York LGA, Philadelphia are some of the other airport options. Any of these cities can be reached from the west coast for $69 by flying to Chicago or Dallas or Houston.

Spirit Houston 69

The price is $34.50 all-in after tax and fees for a one-way flight.

Spirit 34 fare OAK-IAH

Trip Planning for a Drive Out of Florida Road Trip.

Last night I planned a four segment itinerary from Oakland to Houston to Orlando Florida with return flights departing from Philadelphia to Chicago to Oakland, California.

If I can make this work from Oakland, California with only three Spirit discount routes, most people around the US can probably create a similar low cost trip. Los Angeles and San Diego offer more discount Spirit routes.

1. Oakland – Houston, Saturday April 25, 2015 $34.50

Spirit 4-25 OAK-IAH

2. Houston – Orlando, Monday April 27, 2015 $34.50

Spirit IAH-MCO 4-27

Pick up rental car in Orlando for $20 all-in per day or even less. Spend 8 days driving to Philadelphia in rental car.

3. Philadelphia – Chicago,  Tuesday May 5 $34.50

Spirit PHL-ORD May 5

4. Chicago – Oakland, Tuesday May 5 $34.50

Spirit ORD-OAK May 5

Total Airfare: OAK-IAH-MCO//PHL-ORD-OAK = $138.00.

Trip length: April 25 – May 5, 2015 = 11 days.

Budget Travel Trifecta

I do not know yet if I will take this trip, but I’ll share my ideas about using this Spirit Airlines sale, the low Florida car rental rates for one way travel out of state and IHG PointBreaks low cost hotel reward nights to show how these three travel discounts can be used for a budget travel trifecta.

I’ll cover the rental car and hotel reward nights in the next post. This post is focused on the Spirit Airlines $34.50 flights that can get you across the USA and back for $138 or even $69 if you can travel one way on one Spirit flight to your destination.

If I do take this trip, I’ll travel light. Spirit Airlines bag fees are the deal killer, as with most low cost carriers.

Spirit charges more for a carry-on bag at $26 when paid at time of booking compared to $21 for a checked bag.

Four flights with a bag adds $84 to $104 to the total cost of the $138 tickets to buy four Spirit Airlines tickets and travel from Oakland, California to Houston, Orlando, Philadelphia and Chicago on an open-jaw round trip 11 day excursion with a 1,000+ miles road trip component out of Florida.