Drive out of Florida rental car deals April and May 2015

The Florida rental car deal is you have to pick up a rental car in Florida and drive it out of state in the period from late-March to late-May when rental car companies want to redistribute their cars around the country. In Spring 2014 prices were down to $8 to $10 per day all-in after tax and fees for any size car, exception being SUV and luxury cars. Every countrywide rental car chain like Hertz, Avis, National, Dollar, Alamo and more offer this deal.

Car insurance just about doubles the total rental price if you need it. I rely on my own car insurance and credit card coverage.

Last May, I took advantage of the drive out of Florida rental car deals with a $15 per day all-in National rental car and drove along the Atlantic coast and Outer banks of North Carolina from Jacksonville, Florida to Norfolk, Virginia in seven days.

Rental Car rates one-way Florida to Columbia, South Carolina or Anywhere, USA

I checked for 2015 deals yesterday searching

My sample city destination selected was Columbia, South Carolina. That is 800 road miles from Key West, FL or about 635 miles from Miami.

Columbia, South Carolina is a random choice. The thing about the ‘Drive out of Florida’ deal is you can take a car just about anywhere in the USA.

Rates are the same regardless of destination.

  • Key West $15 per day all-in.
  • Miami, Orlando, Tampa $20 per day all-in.
  • Jacksonville did not have any deals I found. Daily rates are still $88.

Florida car rental Key West-SC May 2015

March 25 is the earliest date I found for the lower rates. Low one-way rental deals are available through April and May 2015. I didn’t look for June dates.

Rates may drop lower than $15 to $20 in the next month or so, or not. The low price of gas compared to a year ago makes the higher daily rate in 2015 less of a factor for the car rental.

Miami to San Francisco or just about anywhere USA

Miami-San Francisco is 3,035 miles by road and 42 hours of driving time. You can book a two week rental for $20 per day. That is $280 for a two week car rental to drive across the USA. And about $300 in gas.

Three or four hours of driving per day allows lots of sightseeing time.

Florida car rental MIA-SFO 20

I’d love to do another cross-country road trip solo. I have made the journey a few times, but last time was nearly 20 years ago. My cross country USA drives were mostly along the central and northern U.S. corridors.

Arizona and some places in the southwest also offer this type of one-way rental car deal. Lowest rates I found were about $30 per day from Phoenix, AZ.

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  1. One thing a person can do is book a one-way trip on Megabus to Orlando; then take public transportation to the international airport; then rent a car out of Orlando to take advantage of the low one-way rental car rates.

    Play your cards right and getting to the car could cost as little as six dollars; but even if it cost $75.00, it still could be worthwhile to take advantage of those low rental car rates.

    I realize you said “solo”; but I would be inclined to go on a cross-country road trip with you one day…

  2. Sounds good Brian. One of us can blog while the other drives.

    The hardest part of a road trip is blogging before or after a day of driving.

  3. I just endured that in southern Africa, where I embarked on a massive road trip of thousands of kilometers. If you like road trips in the United States, I highly recommend taking one in southern Africa; and I did not even go to Cape Town or take the Garden Route — yet.

    Anyway, the suggestion of a road trip together is for real, Ric. Perhaps one of us can drive while the other “blogs”; and we can alternate…?

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