List of USA 94 Starwood Hotels with SPG category increase March 10, 2015

This post has my list of USA 94 Starwood Hotels with SPG category increase March 10, 2015 ordered by State and City. Starwood released a table ordered by hotel brand.

Our best bet this year is pay in the USA when low rates are offered and redeem points internationally where rates are high and reward nights have gone down in price for 2015. The value of points for hotel stays improves in Canada, Europe and much of Asia, while the USA nightly reward rates using points go up for 94 hotels and only drop for 22 hotels.

SPG reward night cost

Loyalty Traveler – SPG Europe 2015 hotel category changes are all down (Feb 24). 46 hotels in Europe drop in SPG category on March 10. No hotels in Europe increase category on March 10.

94 Starwood Hotels in USA with March 10 SPG category increase

SPG 2015 USA Cat up

Two hotels make a double category leap with Four Points San Jose Silicon Valley jumping from category 2 to category 4. Friday night went from 3,000 points to 10,000 points per night. Aloft Detroit at the David Whitney also jumps from SPG category 2 to category 4.

California is hit with 21 hotels making a category increase. The Palace Hotel San Francisco is likely going to create some angry SPG members who redeem 20,000 points and find their room on the interior courtyard with a view of brick walls.

Category 2 hotels tend to be a pretty good deal with points. Nearly 1 in 3 of 90 category 2 hotels in the USA increases to SPG category 3 on March 10. This means SPG members need about twice as many points when the 3,000/4,000 points category 2 reward nights increase to 7,000 points.

Boston and California take a hit with several new category 6 hotels and quite a few category 5 properties.

Take stock of the SPG changes and redeem your points before March 10 if one of these hotels is in your sights.

The news is not all bad. In the next post I will cover 22 hotels in the USA going down in category, along with some Canada hotels going down as a result of currency devaluation against the US Dollar in 2014.

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