KLM economy to Europe with adult IFE

Julianne Moore in a sexual three-way is not what I expected to see on my inflight entertainment monitor flying KLM from San Francisco to Amsterdam. I was watching Maps to the Stars, a David Cronenberg film. I know of David Cronenberg, but I knew nothing about the film before deciding to watch it. There did not seem to be any editing of the film for the KLM airplane version. The flight time was 10.5 hours. That movie killed two hours on KLM economy to Europe with adult IFE.

Julianne Moore won the Oscar for best actress last night at the Academy Awards for another 2014 film Still Alice. Movie awards play a significant role in the Hollywood movie industry theme for Maps to the Stars. Julianne Moore is 54 years old. That surprised me to learn her birth year. We were both born in 1960. I wonder if she has ever used Starwood’s Birth Year hotel rate for a $60 hotel night?

On the 11 hour return flight with KLM from Amsterdam to San Francisco I tuned into Dutch movies. Aanmodderfakker won a Golden Calf, the Netherlands Film Festival national award for best Dutch film in 2014.

English translation on the screen and dialog had loads of modderfakking swear words for this entertaining comedy about an Amsterdam slacker with a 70,000 EUR student loan debt and a menial job. He meets a focused and studious Oxford University bound 16 year old student who babysits his sister’s two children.

Aanmodderfakker IMDb


The free Heineken beer was not the only noticeable difference between flying KLM in economy class and a legacy U.S. carrier like American, Delta and United to Europe.

The seatbelt fastened sign was on for less than one hour during 22 hours of flight time. The aircraft was too hot on the outbound and too cold on the inbound flight. Personal inflight entertainment movie selection was good. Music selection far less so.

Eleven hours in economy class is hard on the ass. The seat cushions were not especially well padded and both Kelley and I were sore during the flights after being seated for so long.

At least the $449 paid for SFO-AMS-DUB on KLM was probably a better deal than flying for $409 with Delta via New York. We had no weather issues on our nonstop flights between San Francisco and Amsterdam.

British Airways San Francisco to Dublin via London Heathrow in November 2014 and KLM San Francisco to Dublin via Amsterdam this month provided superior inflight entertainment and flight experience in economy class compared to what I have experienced flying American Airlines or United at slightly lower prices for travel to Europe in recent years.

KLM aircraft

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  1. In regards to no free Heinekin on US metal, I flew AA flights 41 and 42 early in the month in economy, (ORD – CDG – ORD) and they served Heinekin free on both flights. It was a pleasant surprise.

  2. I’m always amazed by how little time the seatbelt light stays on with non-US carriers. It like they feel it is their job to turn it off as soon as it is safe to do so! 🙂

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