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Amsterdam Tram Tickets

The cost of a single use ticket good for one hour on trams and buses in Amsterdam is 2.90, while the cost of a 24 hour ticket is €7.50. The price of a multiple day ticket drops the daily price to the point that two one-way tram rides per day will cost less with an extended day pass than paying for one round trip using single fares.

Amsterdam tram tickets

The price drops from €7.50 to €6.00 per day for a 48-hour pass and to €5.50 per day for a 72-hour pass. At the 6-day pass level the price drops to under €5.00 and down to €4.57 per day at 7-day pass rates.

Walking around Amsterdam is tiring due to brick pavement. A bike is a good way to get around the city center quickly, but might be a little intimidating with cars and tourists frequently blocking intersections. And of course, you have to consider bike thieves. You are sure to see bicycle skeleton remains chained to metal posts as you travel across Amsterdam.

GVB travel cards for Amsterdam trams, buses and metro are a radio frequency chip card. Place the card in front of the pad when you enter the tram or bus and one beep indicates check-in. When you get off public transportation, hold the card in front of the pad to check-out, indicated by two beeps. GVB travel cards are good for travel on 15 tram lines, 50 bus lines, 4 metro lines and 5 ferry crossings in Amsterdam.

You can buy multiple day passes on trams, buses or vending machines at metro stations.

tram card reader

Getting lost in Amsterdam is easy. The canal system is confusing to navigate until you learn your way around the city. Buying a travel pass saves tired feet.

Amsterdam Tram Route 2

Route 2, one of the most beautiful tram routes in the world according to National Geographic magazine, is the tram route from Amsterdam Centraal Station, the city train station, passing directly in front of Park Plaza Vondelpark hotel about three miles away.

Route 2 is currently under construction beside Vondelpark. Amsterdam is a city built on sand. The sand has been stripped away for a couple of blocks beside Vondelpark to expose the Route 2 tram track for rail work. The tram runs in front of the Park Plaza Vondelpark going into Amsterdam, but when we return to Park Plaza Vondelpark hotel from city center on the Route 2 tram, the construction work has meant a couple extra blocks of walking as a different set of tracks on Route 16 to the south are used when leaving city center traveling west past Museumplein.

Amsterdam tram

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  1. I lived in Amsterdam for a year when I was studying European Law at the University of Amsterdam. I lived close to the old Olympic stadium, and would take the tram (or bus) daily to the center of the city. I would buy the monthly unlimited pass (much like I buy the monthly NYC metrocard now). It gave me the freedom to go virtually anywhere in the city, and trams and buses are plentiful and frequent. sometimes I would even take a tram to the end of the line just to see the area.

  2. Amsterdam trams, like trams in most European cities, are inexpensive and convenient ways to get around. I like to take 2 tram from Central station to get to Hotel Pulitzer on the Prinzengracht. Would you also comment on the merits or demerits of the Amsterdam metro system and offer advice on the train to and from Schipol airport?

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