Monterey Peninsula Pebble Beach

Going to Pebble Beach ATT-ProAm

Going to a PGA golf tournament is not the type of event that ever raised much enthusiasm for me. I regret never seeing the golfer who used to play like Tiger Woods play in person. His performance winning by 15 shots at the 2000 US Open in Pebble Beach is considered one of the greatest four rounds of tournament play in the history of golf.

Today is the start of practice rounds for the ATT Pebble Beach National Pro-Am golf tournament next weekend.

I have been to the ATT Pro-Am a couple of times before when gifted tickets. Back in 1984 I worked the tournament as a temporary employee for a week, before I was hired by the Pebble Beach Corporation for a menial clerk job I worked four months until Kelley and I moved to University of California Davis. Two best benefits were free lunch leftovers from the fine dining menu the night before at Club XIX and after work evening picnics on many of the golf greens around Pebble Beach. I laugh thinking about how that kind of activity on the golf course would likely mean arrest these days.

This year Costco sells 7-day passes for Monday to Sunday for $99. I’ll be hanging out around Pebble Beach for much of the week.

This seems like a good time to dredge up some old hotel reviews for the Monterey area and I’ll see if I can visit some of the top hotels for updated photos. There are several hotels in the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur area worthy of Conde Nast Gold List of the world’s best hotels each year.


The rainstorm passed through Central Coast California over the past three days. Weather is predicted to be in the 70s and close to 80 degrees on Thursday for the first official day of tournament play. Winter does not get any better than this for Pebble Beach.

The 18th at Pebble Beach (Feb 12, 2012) is a piece about the smaller crowds in town for 2012 ATT Pro-Am, the last time Tiger Woods played the tournament.

A Flight from Luxury in Pebble Beach, California (Jan 21, 2009) is an article about the impact of recession on Pebble Beach.

$8 Cups of Beer! Pinch Me, I’m Luxuriating. (Feb 12, 2008) is about the 2008 ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament, a section on the series Entourage and a listing of hotel rates at the local area Conde Nast Gold List hotels for 2008. This is an article I should update with this year’s 2014 hotel rates for a six year comparison before and after the financial recession.