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Club Carlson 46,000 points on 3 nights $250 stay

Last week I completed my first 3-night stay for the Club Carlson Extend Your Stay promotion. I hold Club Carlson Gold elite status as a Club Carlson Visa card member for 35% bonus points on base points earned.

Club Carlson SLC points

Country Inn & Suites West Valley City Utah

  • Room rate $220.50 for three nights = 4,410 base points.
  • Extend Your Stay Early Bird Bonus = 10,000 bonus points for registering by January 12 during the first week following the announcement of the Club Carlson Extend Your Stay promotion.
  • Extend Your Stay 3-night stay bonus = 30,000 bonus points.
  • Club Carlson Gold elite 35% bonus on base points = 1,544 bonus points.
  • Total spend = $249.38 after tax.
  • Total Club Carlson points earned = 45,954 points.

Country Inn & Suites West Valley City Utah was one of the worst hotels I have experienced in years. Fortunately I was not one of the guys who was staying at the hotel for school and scheduled to take a test the morning following a night with two false fire alarms sounding at the hotel. I took a nap that day.

Despite a rough hotel stay, my objective was met to earn points for Club Carlson hotel stays next summer in Europe when we fly to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Club Carlson Copenhagen

As a Club Carlson Visa card member, I get one free night on reward stays of two nights or more. That benefit is essentially a BOGO Buy One-Get One free deal on a 2-night stay. My $250 stay in SLC earned enough points to book two hotel nights in Copenhagen at Radisson Blu hotels with published rates of $500 to $700 for two nights.

Loyalty Traveler – Club Carlson Jan 12 to March 29, 2015 stays earn 15K for 2 nights, 30K for 3 nights (Jan 5, 2015)

Alaska Ski the West Fly 2 times, get one flight for tax only.

My objective for Salt Lake City was simple. Salt Lake City is the flight destination I scheduled for two trips on Alaska Airlines for the Ski the West promotion offered to residents of California, Oregon and Washington. Fly two round trips to any of ten ski destinations by February 23 and earn one free round trip ticket to return to any of the ten airports by April 30. My plan is to fly either to Montana or Canada with the free ticket.

Ski the West Destination Airports for free ticket promotion.

  1. Mammoth Lakes, California
  2. Steamboat Springs, Colorado
  3. Sun Valley, Idaho
  4. Bend, Oregon
  5. Bozeman, Montana
  6. Kalispell, Montana
  7. Reno, Nevada (RNO)
  8. Salt Lake City, Utah
  9. Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
  10. Vancouver, Canada

Loyalty Traveler – Alaska Airlines Ski the West Fly 2, Get 1 for tax only CA, OR, WA residents (Nov 6, 2014)

There are still four weeks left to take advantage of the Alaska Airlines offer. I booked two round trips earlier this month SFO-SLC for $96 each ticket. Yesterday, I saw prices were even lower to fly SJC-SLC.

My second trip to Salt Lake City departs today. I am headed to Sundance Film Festival in Park City this week.

Living the Loyalty Traveler poverty jet setter life in the mountains with movie and TV stars is not my typical vacation scene. I really have no idea what to expect at Sundance Film Festival.

My only real wish is I hope to meet Amy Goodman.


  • mark January 24, 2015

    Did you complain about the stay with a plan to get more points? Seems like the problem warrants at least a free nights worth.

  • Cogswell January 24, 2015

    It’s a little silly to imply you are getting $500-700 value of hotels in Copenhagen. No one actually pays that rate, and for whatever you do pay you earn points on the stay and on your credit card spending which subsidizes the cost even further.

    You can easily get perfectly good hotels in Copenhagen for $150/night without being forced to specifically stay at a Club Carlson hotel. A 2-night hotel in Copenhagen should be valued at around $300. So between the $250 you spent, and the time and effort required to complete the Extend Your Stay promotion (which isn’t factored in), I can’t see how it would be worth it.

  • Kate January 24, 2015

    The fire alarms sound dreadful! Aside from that, what was so awful? Did you check reviews? I have a three night stay in Dallas next week, the reviews look good, but a little concerned.
    Do you understand that the 40,000 bonus is stackable with the more points rate?

  • Animesh January 24, 2015

    Also, you can easily do MS on Club Carlson card and get this many points in lot less. Like RB, you can get 25k points per month without paying anything. Even for BB, you need to pay approx. 50$ to generate these many points (45k).

  • Ven January 24, 2015


    Most of the $150/night hotels are out closer to the airport. While I did greatly enjoy my time at the Crowne Plaza and it was an easy commute to downtown, there is a value in being right there. The Raddison Blu is located right on the corner of Tivoli park and there is a value to that.

  • Ric Garrido January 24, 2015

    @Cogswell – I did not say the ‘value’ of two nights in Copenhagen is $500 to $700. I said those are the published rates.

    Extend Your Stay involves no more time and effort than any kind of lodging arrangement. I needed a place to sleep in Salt Lake City. It gets cold at night in January. By your own account hotels in Copenhagen will be $300 per 2 nights. I get five hotel nights for $250. Good deal.

    The only problem here is I picked the lowest rated Club Carlson hotel in Salt lake Valley for my stay. The other Club Carlson hotels in Salt Lake have far higher ratings.

    I am trying a different Club Carlson hotel on my next trip this week.

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