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Earn Hyatt 2-night reward stay with $250 spend for Rite Aid Happy You Year

I’ll start by saying this Rite Aid Happy You Year deal is cumbersome, but might work for you to get a free hotel stay if you are flexible with travel dates and places. The deal is buy $250 in specific participating products from Rite-Aid by January 24, 2015 and you earn 5 reward codes you can redeem for two free nights with a choice of about 350 Hyatt brand hotels or a week at a Wyndham RCI timeshare.

This Rite Aid offer appeared on FlyerTalk Saturday, January 3. BoardingArea bloggers The Gate mentioned the Rite-Aid deal on January 7 and One Mile at a Time posted the Rite Aid deal yesterday. Two free nights at a Hyatt Hotel intrigued me, so I spent about 20 minutes checking out the offer. And much more than 20 minutes writing up this offer.

  1. Create a Rite Aid Happy You Year rewards account.
  2. Purchase participating products at Rite Aid or online at with wellness+ card between Dec 28, 2014 and January 24, 2015.
  3. Every $50 in spend at Rite Aid earns 50 credits and one Happy You Year Unique Reward Code on your receipt.
  4. There are items available for redemption at each tier once you earn 1 to 5 Unique Reward Codes.
  5. Two free Hyatt nights are a redemption offer for Tier 5 Unique Reward Codes ($250 in Rite Aid spend by January 24, 2015.
  6. Another option with 250 credits is a Tier 5 redemption for a 7-night RCI (Wyndham timeshare) stay at a participating property in the USA.
  7. All Unique Reward Codes expire 12am Pacific February 25, 2015.
  8. There is a limit of one redemption per household, so don’t go thinking you are going to live in Hyatt Hotels for two months by going on a mega shopping spree at Rite Aid.

Rite Aid $250 in spend Hyatt Free Night Offer

I looked over the Rite Aid participating products and thought $250 in spend is not that hard. Many items are competitively priced at Rite Aid and even if I spent $50 more than I would at another store, I consider buying two Hyatt nights for $50 a good deal.

Rite Aid Hyatt 2 nights 1-2015

The 350 participating Hyatt locations offer some good hotel choices. Not the top tier properties in the USA, but enough hotel selection to ensure there are Hyatt Hotels where the room rates for two nights will be higher than the $250 cost to earn the free nights.

There are global choices including Park Hyatt Chennai and Park Hyatt Hyderabad in India. Hyatt Regency Phuket Resort Thailand and Hyatt Regency Osaka, Japan.

Europe has a weak selection of Hyatt Hotels. A few airport locations and secondary cities.

California has Hyatt Regency Monterey. I think Hyatt The Pike Long Beach is a good hotel location.

Selection of Hyatt hotels is not an issue.

Redemption process for 2-night Hyatt stay is the rough patch for me with this offer.

The fine print of the Hyatt stay redemption process is the main factor that may keep me from bothering with this promotion.

There is a long list of Rite Aid Happy You Year Rewards FAQ. There are three sections devoted to the Hyatt 2-night stay reward.


How do I redeem a 2 Night Hyatt hotel stay reward?

Sign up for the You Year Rewards program or log in to your existing account on the Sign Up/Log In page.

You must have a credit balance of at least 250 to redeem the 2 Night Hotel Stay reward. Under the “My Account” tab, select “Redeem” to view the rewards that you are eligible for.

Select the “2 Night Hotel Stay” button. Once you select and confirm your 2 Night Hotel Stay reward, you will gain access to the Registration Form.

The Registration Form must be completed and postmarked with a copy of valid photo I.D. or Passport to Rite Aid Fulfillment Center, PO Box 961827, Boston, MA 02196 no later than 3/3/15.

Within 10 days after receipt and verification of the Registration Form and copy of photo I.D., you will be emailed a Booking Code and link to the online Booking Form.

You must submit the online Booking Form completed in full, including the unique Booking Code and 3 preferred participating Hyatt locations and dates by 3/22/15.

Dates of hotel stay must be within 356 days from the date from the date the Booking Form is completed and submitted, but at least 4 weeks out from when the Booking Form is completed and submitted.

Within 8 days of the Booking Form submission, you will be sent an email with Hyatt location availability. You must confirm your Hyatt location choice within 2 business days of the Hyatt location availability being sent to you.

The deal breaker for me is the redemption process requires submitting potential booking dates for three different hotels. My travel life is not that organized.

This deal requires you submit the Hyatt 2-night stay Booking Form by March 22, 2015 for hotel stay dates within 29 to 356 days of the date the Booking Form is submitted. You can’t select hotel stay dates within four weeks of date Booking Form is submitted.

The two night Hyatt award is basically the prepaid Premier Certificate that used to be available to hotel guests until Hyatt limited their purchase for business promotions last year. The two nights must be consecutive nights at same hotel for this offer.

****Rite Aid Hyatt FAQ****

What is a Hyatt 2 night hotel stay reward?

This reward is a 2 night stay at a participating Hyatt worldwide from The 2 night stay excludes travel costs and is only valid for the room rate for a standard room and associated taxes. This reward is worth 250 credits. Specific reward terms and conditions can be found on the Terms & Conditions page.


Are there any restrictions to the 2 Night Hotel Stay reward?


You must be 18 years of age or older in order to redeem this reward. limit of one 2 Night Hotel Stay Reward per customer name, one per household, and one per booking group. Certificates are valid for single or double occupancy rooms based on availability. There is a maximum of 2 people in a single occupancy room and a maximum of 4 people in a double occupancy room. Reward recipient will receive two 1-night Hyatt Nights Certificates and they must be used towards two consecutive nights. The reward cannot be held under the promotion until your reservation is confirmed, which must occur within 2 business days after the first date of contact by the concierge agent confirming the Hyatt location availability. This offer is valid in the United States (excluding U.S. territories) only. This offer is not transferable or refundable. The offer is subject to availability and blackout dates. Specific reward terms and conditions can be found on the Terms & Conditions page.

****Rite Aid Hyatt FAQ****

The part I emphasized in bold has me wondering if international Hyatt hotels are even eligible for redemption?

Wyndham RCI Time Share for 7 nights. You can read the FAQ about Wyndham redemption on your own.

This deal can be a great deal for some people. The redemption process is too cumbersome for me.

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  • Charles Clarke January 13, 2015

    Yes, it looks cumbersome and chancy. None of the places I have plans for are on the either the 2 day Hyatt hotel stay list or the 7 day RCI timeshare list.

    Other than the redemption process, it looks like good enough of a deal that you could even buy supplies to donate to the local homeless or battered women shelter.

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