My Marriott Rewards Birthday Elite Night

Marriott gave me a birthday gift this week. An email offer I received on my birthday gifted me one free elite night for my 2015 elite qualifying nights.

Marriott Happy Birthday to me

Now, one elite night credited to my account in 2015 still leaves me nine nights short of Silver elite for 2015. I didn’t make it to 10 nights in 2014 so my elite status should drop after February.

Marriott Elite Rollover Nights

So when I saw my Marriott Rewards account today, I looked at 6 nights this year and thought Elite Rollover Nights.

Marriott Silver elite

6 rollover nights + 1 night for my birthday would mean only 3 nights in 2015 to reach Silver elite status again with 10 nights in 2015.

Alas, Marriott’s Elite Rollover nights terms state only nights in excess of elite qualifying nights needed to maintain your current level are eligible rollover nights.

One more reason to keep staying, Rollover is now permanent.

As a Marriott Rewards® member, your benefits follow you wherever you go. Now, so do your Elite nights. With Elite Rollover, your extra Elite nights will be carried into the next year, making it faster and easier to achieve higher Elite status and maintain the Elite benefits you’ve come to enjoy.

It’s easy to make every night count:

  • Reserve and stay the minimum number of nights required to earn Elite status in 2015
  • All nights in excess of the Elite requirement are automatically applied to your 2016 status*

*Silver member nights in excess of 10, Gold member nights in excess of 50 and Platinum member nights in excess of 75 all carry forward to the next year.

So now, you can keep rolling and enjoy your benefits as much as you like.

Track your Elite Rollover Nights in your account

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Elite Rollover terms, only nights stayed in excess of 10 nights rollover for Silver elite members. Looks like I still need 9 eligible nights in 2015 to regain Marriott Silver elite, after my complimentary one elite night birthday gift

At least I will still have free internet access as a non-elite in 2015 when Marriott Rewards gives free internet access to all guests at hotels in all Marriott brands worldwide beginning January 15, 2015.

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