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Our IHG Set Your Sights tasks for 50000 points Jan 1-Apr 30, 2015

In a promotion similar to the soon-to-end Into the Nights, IHG follows up with Set Your Sights. Basically the same structure of individualized tasks from IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights is used for Set Your Sights with 50,000 bonus points total for most members. No free nights choice this round.

IHG Rewards Club members worldwide can register for Set Your Sights beginning December 15. Eligible stays from January 1 to April 30, 2015 inclusive count for these tasks.

IHG Set Your Sights

IHG Set Your Sights on tasks for 50000 points Jan 1-Apr 30, 2015

I checked Kelley’s IHG Rewards Club Set Your Sights tasks first.


IHG Set Sights K tasks

  • 500 points for Task 1: Download IHG App (done with Into the Nights); requires 0 nights.
  • 5,000 points for Task 2: Book 2 stays directly with IHG; requires minimum 2 nights.
  • 5,000 points for Task 3: Stay 3 nights; requires 3 nights.
  • 5,000 points for Task 4: Stay Friday-Saturday or Saturday-Sunday weekend; requires 2 nights.
  • 10,000 points for Task 5: Stay at 2 Holiday Inn Hotels; requires minimum 2 nights.

Tasks 1, 2 and 3 can be embedded in the specific stay requirements of Tasks 4 and 5.

She needs a Friday-Saturday weekend stay, which is preferable to changing hotels. That weekend stay needs to be at a Holiday Inn with another Holiday Inn stay for any night. Her tasks can be completed in one 3-night weekend at two Holiday Inn hotels to earn 50,500 bonus points.

There is a high probability we will complete Kelley’s IHG tasks since we have Set Our Sights on an extended stay at the InterContinental Park Lane London and InterContinental Amstel in Amsterdam. We will have four free IHG nights from the Into the Nights promotion and 200,000 points for four more free nights after Into the Nights and Set Your Sights.

I am not even counting the potential 50,000 points from my different IHG Set Your Sights tasks. My tasks are harder to complete and we will focus our stays on completing Kelley’s offer first.

Here are my IHG Set Your Sights tasks

IHG Set tasks Ric

  • 2,200 points for Task 1: Book 3 stays directly with IHG; minimum 3 nights.
  • 8,800 points for Task 2: Stay 6 nights; requires 6 nights.
  • 4,800 points for Task 3: Stay 2 times on 2-night weekend stays including a Saturday night nights; minimum 4 nights.
  • 5,000 points for Task 4: Book a Holiday Inn Club Vacation; limiting factor here is there are only six eligible hotels in the USA to complete this task.
  • 12,000 points for Task 5: Stay at 2 Crowne Plaza Hotels; requires minimum 2 nights.
  • 1,500 points for Task 6: Pay for one stay with IHG Rewards Club credit card.
  •  Complete 5 of 6 tasks and earn 15,700 bonus points.

I only need to complete 5 of 6 offers to earn 15,700 bonus points. Tasks 1 and 6 can be completed while fulfilling other tasks. The stay at two Crowne Plaza hotels for 12,000 points is worth doing on its own. The 2-night weekend stays can be fulfilled easily. I have no travel plans at the moment for the first four months of 2014, but I will definitely being going somewhere on two one week or longer trips during that period.

For my Set Your Sights offer, booking the Holiday Inn Club Vacation stay is the most difficult to achieve since it requires being in a specific location.

Participating Resorts

  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations Orlando – Orange Lake Resort
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations Las Vegas – Desert Club Resort
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations Myrtle Beach – South Beach
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations Gatlinburg – Smoky Mountain Resort
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations Cape Canaveral – Beach Resort
  • Holiday Inn Club Vacations Williamsburg Resort

I will do a separate post on this task since there is also a free night or 20,000 points bonus offer available with this task, separate from Set your Sights offer.

Completing the other five tasks with six IHG nights is a reasonable probability and those six nights can earn 45,000 bonus points.

Kelley’s Set Your Sights can be completed in 3 IHG nights. We will focus on that promotion offer first. I’ll wait and see what other hotel chains offer for 2015 Q1 before I pursue six nights with IHG.

Club Carlson can tear me away from IHG stays if their 2015 Q1 offer allows me to earn 25,000 points with less spend than the IHG Set Your Sights earns 50,000 points. My objective is to earn as many free nights for hotels in Europe as I can for 2015 trips. I expect to spend four weeks or more in Europe in 2015 and I will be in redemption mode.


  • Carl P December 15, 2014

    This is better than my previous two offers as far as tasks are concerned.

    The first 5 of my 7 are pretty easy (use cc for stay, use app for 2 stays, a points and cash stay, a point redemption, and one stay with having earned promo points before). That would get me 17K points.

    The 6th to get to the 50K would be the mini-vacation or 13 nights. 13 nights is questionable. I look forward to seeing what you write mini-vacation/time share sell as that might be my more likely 6th task.

  • AndyTLe December 15, 2014

    This isn’t worth it.

    60,200: Total Bonus Points

    5,000: Stay Once
    15,600: Stay 10 Nights
    9.600: Stay 4 weekends, Saturday night and another night
    5,000: Book mini-vacation package at Holiday Inn Club Vacations
    5,000: Books 2 night minimum at The Venetian or The Palazzo
    2,000: Apply for IHG Rewards Club Select Credit Card
    3,000: Book 1 Bonus Points Package
    15,000: Complete 6 of 7 of the above.

  • Carl P December 15, 2014

    Actually 6 of 7 gives me 15K bonus for 38K total. The 12K for 13 stays is not likely.

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  • Dan December 15, 2014

    I got the same offer as Kelley on my one email….

    on my other email I got this….

    Stay once earn 5,000 bonus points
    5 nights for 8400 points
    book 2 stays with app for 2400 points
    stay 2 weekends SAT/SUN or FRI/SAT for 4800 points
    apply for credit car—2000 points
    complete 5 of 4 for 25,000 point bonus

  • Charles Clarke December 15, 2014

    I notice the text of your task 6 says 2000 points instead of the 1500 for the bullet. What do the terms say?

    My offer for the credit card has a bullet of 2300 and no number specified in the text or terms.

  • Dave December 15, 2014

    I havent stayed at an IHG property more than 4 times in the last year before the Into The Nights Promotion. (based on all the crazy customer service issues that drove me away) When I got the Into the Nights promotion, I was shocked at how easy my offer was to complete.
    Now that I had completed the Into The Nights challange rather easily (book 1 stay using IHG app, stay 2 saturdays, stay 5 nights at any IHG property) I looked forward to seeing what they’d do on the Set Your Sights promo. The only reason I did the other promotion was to get the 2 free nights. 50K is bearly enough to pay for an Intercontinental in most nice cities.
    I was pretty shocked when I saw my new challenge as a ‘frequent IHG stayer’ now. There was only 1 challenge that seemed reasonable. (Book and complete 5 nights using IHG app). In order to complete the challenge, I’d HAVE to apply for the credit card. No thanks. I’d have to stay a FULL weekend (2 nights including a Sat. or a Sun. stay) twice at IHG properties. I’d have to stay 8 nights at any IHG property. And I’d have to complete 7 of the 8 challenges. No thank you.
    Apparently loyalty comes at a price at IHG … the less you stay, the easier they make the promotion. I’ll be getting double points at Marriott this quarter, it appears.

  • H Singh December 15, 2014

    Another poorly thought out promotion by IHG … the rewards are hardly commensurate with the tasks … what a shocker !!

  • Ric Garrido December 16, 2014

    @Charles Clarke – You noticed that too. I thought about mentioning the discrepancy for the task with the big 1,500 points in big print and in small print it says 2,000 points.

    The task of paying for my IHG hotel stay with the IHG credit card is simple enough and the 500 points difference either way is of little matter.

    @Dave – IHG definitely has a pattern of higher hurdles for its more frequent guests.

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