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Virgin America Feel the Earn First Class Deal

Here is a look at the price to fly First Class on Virgin America between JFK and SFO during the triple points Feel the Earn promotion October 6 to December 19, 2014.

Virgin America Feel the Earn First Class Deal

This is not a deal for most travelers. There is very good value in this promotion if you need to fly between San Francisco or Los Angeles and New York or Boston by December 19 and like First Class travel. Spend about $3,600 to $3,800 on First Class flights with Virgin America by December 19 and you will earn 50,000 Elevate points and Silver Elite status for 2015.

Virgin America’s Feel the Earn triple bonus points on First Class fares allows an Elevate member to earn 15 points per dollar. You will earn 50,000 Elevate points for $3,334 in base airfare spend ($300 to $400 in ticket taxes do not earn triple points).

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class round trip award tickets from Los Angeles or San Francisco to London Heathrow LHR are 50,000 Elevate points. Typical airfare for these flights is over $5,000 round trip. You will need to pay $910 in award fees.

Virgin America’s Feel the Earn is like a buy one and get one free. You can fly comfortably in first class across the USA while earning 50,000 Elevate points for an even more expensive international first class award ticket to London.

On top of bonus points is an additional promotion for 25,000 Elevate elite points with $3,000 in spend by December 19. Earning 20,000 points confers Virgin America Elevate Silver status. Benefits include one free checked bag, seat assignment at time of booking and 25% discount on one Main Cabin Select fare per year. Also, 25% bonus points for 6.25 points/$1 on airfare.

Airfare Rates JFK-SFO December 2014

Sample round trip Virgin America First Class airfare JFK-SFO for December 3 to December 6, 2014.

VX JFK-SFO-12-03-14 FC

JFK-SFO December 3, 2014

Nonstop flights

  • First Class  $1,105
  • Main Cabin Select $403   

SFO-JFK December 6, 2014

  • First Class  $1,105
  • Main Cabin Select  $403

Virgin America JFK-SFO First Class round trip fare = $2,208.20.

First Class base fare before tax = $2,027.90. This is the portion that earns 15 Elevate points per dollar.

$2,027 x 15 points/$1 = 30,405 Elevate points.

30,000 Elevate points buys one Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy round trip award SFO-LHR which can be $1,500+ round trip. 30,000 Elevate points is the cost for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class one way award between SFO/LAX and LHR which is about a $2,600 value.

50,000 Elevate points is the price for Virgin Atlantic Upper Class round trip award ticket which is typically $5,000+. You need $3,334 in Virgin America First Class travel by December 19 to earn 50,000 points with the Feel the Earn promotion.

Virgin America JFK-SFO Main Cabin Select Round Trip Fare = $804.20. 

Main Cabin Select base fare before tax = $721.86. This is portion of airfare that earns double points for 10 points/$1.

$721 x 10 points/$1 = 7,210 points.

Flying in Main Cabin Select will take $5,000 in airfare to earn 50,000 points.

Virgin America Elevate promotion “Feel the Earn” allows a flyer to earn a free First Class round trip ticket SFO or LAX to London on Virgin Atlantic Upper Class by flying around the USA in Virgin America First Class for under $4,000 to earn 50,000 Elevate points.

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  • Mandrake November 18, 2014

    For people not yet signed up with Virgin America’s Elevate FF program, this can also be combined with their current new member bonus promo which get you 500 points for joining and an additional 2,500-7,500 points for taking a flight before 31 December 2014.

    If anyone wants to sign up, take advantage of this promo and double dip, here’s my Virgin America referral link to earn those bonus points: http://virginamerica.extole.com/v2/share/6034157158888895774

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