Buy 108,000 AA miles for $2,200 with bonus miles offer to Nov 12

American Airlines AAdvantage has a bonus miles offer from October 23, 2014 to November 12, 2014 allowing the purchase of 80,000 miles with an additional 28,000 bonus miles for $2,200. That is 35% bonus miles on the purchase.

Buy 108,000 AA miles for $2,200 at a rate of $20.37 per thousand miles or just over 2 cents per mile. There are other 25% to 35% bonus AAdvantage miles at four levels from 12,000 to 80,000 miles with this limited time offer.

Purely from a business or first class perspective, 65,000 miles will buy a one-way First Class award ticket to Europe or Japan. Business class awards are 50,000 miles each way. This is an opportunity to buy miles for a premium class award ticket.

AA buy miles bonus10-26-14

The bonus miles percentage increases with purchase size.


Best buys

15,000 miles $330

  • $330 for 12,000 miles + 3,000 bonus miles is 25% bonus miles.
  • $330/ 15,000 miles = $22/1,000 miles or 2.2 cents/mile.

38,000 miles $825

  • $825 for 30,000 miles + 8,000 bonus miles is 26.67% bonus miles.
  • $825/38,000 miles = $21.71/1,000 miles.

65,000 miles  $1,375

  • $1,375 for 50,000 miles + 15,000 bonus miles is 30% bonus miles.
  • $1,375/65,000 miles = $21.15/1,000 miles.

108,000 miles $2,200

  • $2,200 for 80,000 miles + 28,000 bonus miles is 35% bonus miles.
  • $2,200/108,000 miles = $20.37/1,000 miles or just over 2 cents per mile.

The four price points with best bonus miles value offer AA members the opportunity to buy miles quickly and relatively inexpensively if you need to top off an account for a mileage award ticket or you want to use miles for a long haul premium cabin award ticket.

The maximum purchase limit allowed is 80,000 miles per AAdvantage account. You can buy or gift this amount. $1,375 buys 65,000 miles with the 50K + 15K bonus miles. That rate is only slightly higher at $21.15 per 1,000 miles. Basically, you pay $50 more for 65,000 miles when buying 50,000 for $1,375 compared to the all-in lower rate of $2,200 to buy 108,000 miles on this offer.


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  1. Recently, it feels like good AA saver award flights have been tough to come by. So that may skew your calculations.

  2. Of course, if you use your AA credit card, there’s another 2200 miles, so it’s really 110,200

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