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WOW $480 Boston-Copenhagen July 2015

WOW $480 Boston-Copenhagen July 2015 are the roundtrip tickets I purchased yesterday for travel next summer. The basic ticket price was $190 outbound and $173 inbound with a change of planes in Iceland. $511 is the total cost for my ticket with one checked bag (up to 44 lbs.) each way ($134) and assigned seats ($12). Kelley’s ticket is $451 at $363 flights + $76 for one carry on bag (up to 26 lbs.) and $12 for seat assignments on four flight segments.  Total fare is $961.04 for two round trip tickets in July 2015 from Boston to Copenhagen.

Iceland based low cost carrier WOW begins service between Boston and Iceland/London LGW and Copenhagen CPH in March 2015 and service begins June 2015 from Baltimore BWI airport to Iceland London Gatwick and Copenhagen.

This is the farthest in advance I have ever purchased an airline ticket. Finding airfare in July for under $500 per ticket from the USA has been tough the past few years. I have traveled in September, but Kelley goes back to school teaching in mid-August.

My educated guess is there is unlikely to be a lower airfare between the USA and Europe for July 2015. There could be a mistake fare or limited offer deep discount fare in summer 2015, but that means being in the right place at the right time to catch the low fare. Ebola may have an impact on air travel, although not likely. In 2003 the SARS virus caused fares to drop down to under $300 roundtrip between USA and Singapore.

The opportunity to fly between the USA and Europe for under $500 in July is uncommon. I decided to gamble on WOW Air. Seeing Iceland, even if only from the airport for plane transit is something I look forward to with these flights. I booked window seats for the views.

Kelley is afraid I won’t feed her adequately in expensive Copenhagen. I laughed and told her we can catch a ferry to Sweden or Norway where we can get food. She asked why we would take a ferry to another country for dinner?

Kelley does not read Loyalty Traveler. I laughed and told her that the ferry to Sweden or Norway would put us into a Clarion Collection hotel where she can get breakfast, afternoon pancakes and dinner at the hotel.

She is comforted by the idea that dinner won’t be chili-flavor tuna every night. Chili tuna was a new taste sensation I acquired on my 2-week trip to Norway last month when staying at Norway hotels where dinner was not provided.

Copenhagen and the July 2015 itinerary are quite some time away in travel planning. I’ll have my eye on good deals from California to Boston in the mean time.

More immediate in my travel planning is getting Dublin hotels set for my trip next month to Dublin and London.

Even more immediate is getting off my blog. Today I am working with six and seven year olds in First Grade finding out who can read proficiently and who can’t.


Color Line ferry between Sandefjord, Norway and Stromstad, Sweden. The Color Line ferry between Denmark and Norway is in the next town Larvik.


  • Mike October 24, 2014

    Why would u pay this much for an airline u dont even earn miles and can get these prices time to time?
    Makes no sense.

  • Ric Garrido October 24, 2014

    Have you seen round trip fares from USA to Europe for under $500 in July in the past three years?

    I don’t recall any.

    Spending $800 to earn less than 10,000 miles on a legacy carrier would be paying 3 cents per mile to pay an extra $300 for a ticket.

  • Ric Garrido October 24, 2014

    I have flown 25,000+ miles in 2014 on United. I am about $900 shy of $2,500 necessary for Mileage Plus Silver. In years when I had UA 1K status with 100,000 miles flown, I never spent more than $4,000. The revenue component makes elite status out of reach.

    Assuming AA sticks with only miles flown for elite, then I might earn elite. I know for sure AA has not had low fares to Europe last two summers since I have been sitting on a $800 voucher for 20 months waiting for a low fare to Europe. AA sales tend to last less than 24 hours and I have missed nearly all of them since I do not spend 24/7 on the web.

    July is top dollar for USA -Europe travel. My wife is on a school schedule with July being the only month she does not work and can travel for two weeks without impediments.

  • d3dish October 24, 2014

    We’ve just been to Copenhagen in the Spring (beginning of May) and we absolutely loved it! Such a gorgeous city, the Danes are extremely friendly, everywhere you go to is clean, and that includes trains, bathrooms in train stations, streets. And everyone spoke in perfect English. We stayed at the Crowne Plaza in Oresund Station and although it’s not in the city center (1 quick 5-7 minute train ride from Centraal,I highly recommend it for the service, breakfast and the rooms had a view of windmills from afar. Copenhagen is my and my husband’s favorite out of that trip among Munich, Amsterdam, Luebeck. And my 5-year old can live in Tivoli if she had the opportunity to! Good luck with the planning. I can offer more recommendations if you need some 🙂

  • Carl October 25, 2014

    Great deal Ric. Hopefully you can build a couple of days into Boston to do some touring there. But I do suggest that Kelley should pack some ramen noodles!

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