GrawliX-Files: High School Principal too high for school at Hyatt Place

Thomas Price, principal of Branson High School in Ross, a prestigious Marin County, California private high school was busted October 3 at Hyatt Place Sacramento/Rancho Cordova (the valley) with heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and an unresponsive 21-year old Brittney Hall when police arrived at his hotel room door.

This is another Loyalty Traveler GrawliX-Files case with a high school principal too high for school from an over the top birthday celebration at Hyatt Place.

Police responded to a Friday, October 3 call from the woman’s boyfriend who narked on the couple and gave their location at the Hyatt Place. Police confirmed Thomas Price was a guest at the hotel. When police arrived at the hotel room, there was a considerable delay before Mr. Price opened the door. The police found Ms. Hall passed out on the bed and unresponsive. When she did not respond to their calls to wake up, police entered the room and physically woke up the woman. Quantities of several types of drugs were found littered around the room.

Mr. Price and Ms. Hall were both booked on drugs charges and possession of methamphetamine with intent to sale.

Price was released the next day on $75,000 bail. He resigned from his school administrator position last week. News media descended on the $40,000 per year tuition private high school last Monday after the story broke.

The back story is Thomas Price celebrated his 54th birthday on Thursday, October 2, the day before his arrest at the Hyatt Place Rancho Cordova. Police received a call from a man on Friday around noon who asked that they check on his girlfriend Brittney who was in a Rancho Cordova hotel room doing drugs with Price, who he named to police.

Brittney Hall remains in jail, unable to post $75,000 bond. She has a pending DUI case from 2014 too.

Hall’s ex-boyfriend (my assumption) remains unidentified.

Former high school principal Thomas Price is married and his wife is the head of another private school, Prospect Sierra School in El Cerrito, California.

My question is where did the Branson School think Principal Price was spending his Friday during a school day when he was hanging out with his young girlfriend tossing speedballs 100 miles away at the Hyatt Place Rancho Cordova?

Hey principals! Leave those drugs alone.

Loyalty Traveler GrawliX-Files are media stories from the crazy f#@king, s#@t that happens when you are a wasted traveler.

Ross principal found with drugs, passed-out woman, police say (SFGATE.com)

Woman arrested with Marin principal remains in custody (video)

By Bill Lindelof and Ed Fletcher – Sacramento Bee


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  1. The next question is whether the wife Principal will have much of a future since the charge included the intent to distribute. El Cerrito parents won’t be happy and I’m sure his Marin friends have already unfriended him. We live about a mile from this 30k per year bastion.

  2. @JustSaying – My wife and I went to a wedding in Ross in 1990. Our car overheated as we were heading to San Francisco and we needed to find a hotel in San Rafael. The first place I went, the manager told me, upon seeing me dressed in a suit, that I did not want to stay at the motel. I asked for a key and as Kelley and I walked through the courtyard we could see the place was a drug palace that looked to be gang controlled. We didn’t stay there.

    After 45 minutes trying to find a place, we ended up at the hotel next door to the drug palace.

    There were no web specials, mobile apps or loyalty status to help us that night.

    I still recall the torn curtain hanging on the broken curtain rod with a view of barb wire and a security light shining in the room. I watched the Patrick Swayze movie Road House in that room. The dingy motel room is probably the only reason I remember the movie.

    Most of the articles about the Ross principal referred to Hyatt Place as a motel. I wish I had been in a motel as nice as a Hyatt Place the night of that wedding in Ross.

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