Miami is more expensive hotel city than New York

Bloomberg World Hotel Index from May 2014 found Miami ranked #5 in the world for priciest hotels with an average room rate at $245 per night, making Miami a more expensive hotel city than New York which ranked #10 at $233 per night hotel rate average.

The methodology collected room rate data in early May 2014 for all hotels in a city and averaged rates for two periods in August 1-10, 2014 and February 1-10, 2015.

1. Geneva, Switzerland $308

2. Dubai, United Arab Emirates $273

3. Kuwait City, Kuwait $253

4. Zurich, Switzerland $250

5. Miami, United States $245

6. Hong Kong, China $242

7. Edinburgh, Scotland $241

8. London, United Kingdom $235

8. Singapore, Singapore $235

10. New York, United States $233

St. Regis Bal Harbour

Miami is more expensive hotel city than New York is what I experienced in 2012 after staying in New York and Miami Starwood Hotels. The most expensive hotel room I ever stayed was St Regis Bal Harbour, the town north of Miami Beach, during the last week of December 2012. The room rate for the basic room was $1,200 after tax. SPG American Express picked up the tab as part of a sponsorship of a few bloggers called SPG Amex Stars.

I stayed at three St. Regis luxury hotels in December 2012 with SPG Amex picking up the tab. I wrote on Loyalty Traveler in my reviews that the experience convinced me I do not particularly like luxury hotels. I was not asked to participate in the SPG Amex Stars program again for 2013. Mommy Points filled my slot. That was a good exchange of bloggers for SPG Amex. I was not a good fit for the program. Obviously, the PR company had not checked out my blog before inviting me or they would have known that I am not a promoter of credit cards.

Was a beach view room at St. Regis Bal Harbour on Collins Avenue nice?


St Regis Bal Harbour

Balcony view room #1110 St. Regis Bal Harbour, Florida

Would I ever pay $1,200 per night to stay there again?

Certainly not. I would not even consider spending 30,000 points per night either. That kind of resort is not my scene or where I want to be seen.

So who stays at these kinds of places?

I saw CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in shorts walking along the beach outside the St. Regis. That is an image I am still trying to forget.

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  1. These types of surveys can be misleading because they are skewed by the size of the metro area. For example, the City of Miami is a pretty small land mass of only 36 square miles whereas NYC is far larger at 304 square miles. This is relevant because Miami doesnt include many outlying areas where hotels would be cheap. While for NYC, the prices are brought down by the hotel rooms in Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island. No one visiting NYC would ever think to stay in Staten Island but those rates are factored into this survery. Whereas, the Staten Island of Miami would be in a different municipality so would not bring down the average hotel room rate there.

  2. Your note on Mr. Blitzer gave me the loudest laugh of the week! I actually regret that you do not post any CC links on your site. When I work out a plan for my or my wife’s CCs application round, I then look for links at the websites of my favorite bloggers. A small token of appreciation for their work. I am sure that many of your readers would like to have this option to thank you.

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