Hotel stay examples stacking Club Carlson promotions to rack up points and miles

The opportunity to earn 7,500 miles with two Radisson hotel stays, earn 3,000 bonus points for booking these two stays using the Club Carlson mobile app and earn 60 points per dollar for hotel spend on the two stays is an intriguing analysis for stacking Club Carlson promotions on stays completed in the next two months.

Three Stacking Club Carlson Offers

1. Earn 3,000 points for up to 3 stays booked and completed by November 16, 2014 using the Club Carlson mobile app. This is the earliest promotion expiration date. Loyalty Traveler – 9,000 points for three Club Carlson mobile app bookings Sep 8 to Nov 16, 2014

2. Earn 7,500 bonus miles with American Airlines AAdvantage or Aeroplan after two Radisson Hotel brand stays by December 15, 2014. This is a brand specific promotion for the Radisson brand worldwide. Loyalty Traveler – Club Carlson 7,500 AAdvantage or Aeroplan miles Sep 15-Dec 15, 2014

3. Earn Triple Points at participating Club Carlson hotels in Americas for stays with check-in Sundays through Thursdays and check-out Mondays through Fridays by November 30, 2014. Earn triple points for Sundays to Thursdays. Loyalty Traveler – Club Carlson Triple Points BIZTIME3 rate for weekday nights to Nov 30

Promotions 1 and 2 can be earned with two stays at any Radisson Hotel worldwide. Promotion 3 is a special rate offer for triple points that may be combined with 1 and 2 at specific hotels in the Americas.

Analysis #1

Where I am coming from these days with my travel is focusing on trying to get by with around 10 paid nights every quarter of the year and try to earn 5 to 10 free nights every quarter of the year.

Offers from SPG and Hyatt that take 20 paid nights in a quarter are road warrior incentives to attract the big business spenders. I don’t have those kind of travel needs or budget.

This final quarter of 2014 has me looking closely at IHG Rewards Club where I can earn two free nights anywhere in the world with 3 paid nights with two of those 3 nights being a Holiday Inn Saturday night stay. That is my number one promotion completion goal for Q4-2014.

Club Carlson looks like another low budget, high value offer where two Radisson Hotel stays can earn 7,500 AAdvantage miles + 6,000 Club Carlson points + 60 points per dollar at specific Radisson Hotels.

Analysis #1 crunches the numbers to get an idea of what kind of hotel stay rebate I can get. I value my cash too much and this offer is not lucrative enough to book hotel stays I don’t need. My choice of hotel is truly based on picking a hotel where I might need to stay in the next two months.

Radisson Hotel Baton Rouge Louisiana

Sunday, October 5

  • BIZTIME3 Rate = $105 ($118.65 after tax).
  • AAA Hot Deal Rate = $84  ($94.92 after tax).
  • Both rates have same cancellation policy.

Assume I book using mobile app and I am registered for 7,500 bonus American Airlines miles after two Radisson stays.

BIZTIME3 Rate earns $105 x 60 points/$1 = 6,300 points.

AAA Hot Deal rate = 84 x 20 points/$1 = 1,680 points.

BIZTIME3 rate earns 4,620 extra points.

An extra $23.73 for 4,620 points is $5.14 per 1,000 points.

That is a decent deal for Club Carlson points, but I could take it or leave it. This analysis kind of indicates that there is no reason to go for a Radisson Hotel on the triple points list. The real value of this promotion is in the 7,500 miles for two Radisson stays and 3,000 bonus points for mobile app booking.

Radisson Baton Rouge

Two stays Sunday Oct 5 and Tuesday, Oct 7

BIZTIME3 = $105 per night ($238 after tax for two stays)

Club Carlson Earnings

  • 7,500 AAdvantage miles ($75 to $150 in value)
  • 6,000 Club Carlson mobile app booking points.
  • 12,600 points with triple points bonus.
  • 3,570 credit card (10 points/$1) and 35% Gold elite bonus points (7 points/$1) for Club Carlson Visa members paying with card.

Total for $238 in hotel spend = 18,600 Club Carlson points + 7,500 miles for any Club Carlson member or 22,170 Club Carlson points + 7,500 miles for member paying with Club Carlson Visa.

The rebate value for two hotel nights booked as two separate stays is about equivalent to the cost of the hotel nights. You can book a Club Carlson category 2 hotel reward night for 15,000 points or a category 3 hotel reward night for 28,000 points.

Analysis # 2

Radisson Hotel Ontario Airport Sunday, November 9

BIZTIME3 rate is $106 for this hotel night. An even better deal is to pay $113 and get upgraded to Concierge Room with breakfast buffet for two included in the rate.

Radisson Ontario 3x rate

BIZTIME3 triple points rate is $106 per night. For only $7 more you can upgrade to Concierge room for the night. The major advantage of that rate is breakfast buffet for 2 adults included.

Assume no Club Carlson elite status.

$113 night with triple points = 6,780 points.

Mobile app booking = 3,000 bonus points.

This hotel stay for $128.61 after tax earns 9,780 points ($50 to $70 value) and includes breakfast buffet for two.

As Club Carlson Gold with Club Carlson Visa credit card payment, this hotel stays earns an additional 17 points/$1 for 1,921 points.

Now assume you do this hotel stay twice and also get 7,500 AA miles.

Or choose a different LA area hotel like Radisson Whittier at $119 for Tuesday November 11.

This is $131 after tax.  For $260 in hotel spend you earn 13,920 points on $232 in hotel rate spend. You earn 7,500 American Airlines miles. You earn 6,000 mobile app booking points.

$260 earns 20,000 Club Carlson points + 7,500 AA miles. This is just one example of how three stackable promotions give a Club Carlson rebate equivalent to the cost of two hotel nights.

Analysis #3

In this example I will ignore the Radisson promotion for AA miles and focus on triple points and booking bonus only. Country Inns & Suites Ventura, California is a good road trip hotel when traveling between northern and southern California. The location is out of the LA freeway traffic nightmare for a good coastal place to stop for the night after a day at Disneyland and heading north or a good place to stop when heading south before hitting LA.

Country Inn Ventura

Over Veteran’s Day weekend, this hotel has $71 triple points rate.

  • 3,000 bonus points mobile booking.
  • 4,260 triple points
  • Gold elite paying with Club Carlson Visa $71 x 17 points/$1 = 1,207 points.

$78 hotel night earns 7,260 to 8,400 bonus points. That is a $40 to $57 rebate value on a $78 hotel room night.

Bottom line is there are some good value hotel stay opportunities with these Club Carlson stackable promotions. Two stays at Radisson Hotels booked through the mobile app earn 6,000 bonus points + 7,500 frequent flyer miles. Those are good value on their own. Find a triple points hotel and the rebate value can potentially be more than the cost to stay at the Radisson Hotels.

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  1. can you get the bonus air miles and still get the hotel points, or do you have to change your earning point/mile preferences?

  2. mhenner – Should get both. Be careful if you ever do switch to miles. Your total point balance converts to miles at a 10 to 1 ratio.

  3. @mhenner – Do not change your earning preference to miles!

    You will get both miles and points keeping your earning preference as points. Offers like these have happened with most of the major chains over the past few years where they offer a limited time double dip like Hilton HHonors does on a regular basis.

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