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Clarion Collection Havnekontoret Bergen

This is part two of my hotel review for Clarion Collection Havnekontoret Bergen on hotel rooms and gym. Public spaces and food for this #1 rated TripAdvisor hotel in Bergen, Norway in Part One of Clarion Collection Havnekontoret Bergen is here.

The hotel is 16,000 Choice Privileges points per night. There were several room types available. I had one of the few rooms at the hotel with a balcony, but I never used the balcony. The windows across the way are offices in an interior courtyard. I would have preferred a different room at the hotel, but it was okay for the stay. Here are photos of three different room types on the sixth floor of Clarion Collection Havnekontoret Bergen in 603, 610 and 617.

Room 617 (my room on top floor with balcony)

Havne beds

My reservation for the room was one double bed. I only used one of the beds during five nights. The bed was a little too soft for my liking.

Havne Bed reverse

During the day when I was in the room, I kept the patio door open for a cool breeze. One thing I did not like about the patio is there was a ladder to the roof so I was hesitant to leave the patio door open at night. I would have been better off in a room with a window that I could have left open for cool air at night.

Havne Bathroom

The bathroom soap dispenser and mirrors. The towels provided were sufficient for me for five days. I don’t like to have towels replaced each day since that seems wasteful.

Room 603 tub-shower

The half a shower door concept is one I have a hard time with. I soaked the bathroom floor every time I showered. I kept one bath towel on the floor to soak up the mess.

Havne fresh towels

I kept the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and each day I arrived back to find a plastic bag hanging on the door knob with fresh towels. There were four plastic bags of fresh towels in the room when I checked out.

Sink and toiletries

Bathroom toiletries here were the first ones I had seen after three Nordic Choice hotel stays. The other hotels only had generic soap dispensers, except for the suite at Farris Bad where there were all kinds of little toiletries.

Another thing I noticed is all the Nordic Choice Hotels have ice dispensers. The times they are a’changin’. I never used to see ice in Europe. I think I paid about $100 in Amsterdam over the years for buckets of ice using room service.

Just realized that I did not snap a photo of the desk and the 47” TV mounted on the wall in room 617.

Room 603 – Below the Tower with harbor view

Room 603

This room had a harbor view.

Room 603 view

Bergen was a place where I was more focused on the outdoors and not my room.

Havnekontoret tower view

The TV was good at night when I was exhausted from a day of activity. I watched a gritty Danish film called Nordvest in Danish with Norwegian subtitles about Copenhagen gang life. Comprehensible despite the language barrier. Being Scandinavians, there was plenty of English dialog happening too.

Room 610 with slanted wall

My favorite rooms were the ones I walked by to get to my balcony room. I love the top floor slanted wall rooms. They remind me of where my family briefly lived when we were in Germany in the 1970s. As a kid I loved the top floor apartments, but it also meant hauling everything up four flights of stairs. My parents moved downstairs once another apartment opened up.

Havne slanted room

There is that 47” TV.

Havne slant bed

These rooms are not so good for a tall person.

Havne 610

These rooms only have a shower in a more compact space.

Room 610 shower

The view looks out to Bryggen and Radisson Blu Royal Bergen across the street. I imagine it could be noisy in summer with Filini at the Radisson being a popular outdoor dining spot in good weather.

Room 610

Basement Compact Gym and Sauna

Through the dining area and down a stairway is the Compact Gym, relaxation room and sauna.

Havne relax room

The access stairway is not easy to locate. Ask at the desk.

Havne sauna

There are not many pieces of equipment, but nice anyway as an option.

Havne compact gym

There were some weights too. I went down here a couple times during my stay and there was nobody there. Kind of hard to find if you don’t ask for directions.

Havne lobby fireplace

Clarion Collection Havnekontoret Bergen is a fine hotel in a good tourist location on the Bryggen. The food service is a nice feature for saving travel money to spend on the $200 fjord cruises available to the Hardangerfjord.

Havne entrance



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