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My IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights offer

I finally was able to register and see my IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights promotion offer. This post is titled My IHG Rewards Club Into the Nights offer since this is a targeted promotion and your offer is likely something different.

After difficulty all day yesterday accessing the offer, the promotion tasks I received look easily doable for a bonus potentially worth more than double my estimated cost to fulfill the promotion offer.

IHG Into the Nights tasks

Five tasks for 10,500 bonus points.

1. Download IHG mobile app and book one stay = 500 points.

2. Stay 3 nights at any IHG properties during Sep 1-Dec 31 = 2,000 points.

3. Book 2 stays at IHG website or mobile site = 2,000 points.

4. Stay 2 Saturdays at any IHG hotel = 4,000 points.

5. Stay at 2 Holiday Inn hotels = 2,000 points.

  • Complete 3 tasks and earn additional 25,000 bonus points or one free night.

This can be done with 2 one-night Saturday stays at any IHG brand booked over my phone.

  • Complete 5 tasks and earn another 25,000 bonus points or one free night.

I can complete all five tasks with 2 stays and 3 nights at Holiday Inn. I normally book Saturday stays anyway.

The deal with targeted promotions is the best offers often go to the members who stay infrequently. That is my case this time around.

The Big Win promotion last year in fall 2013 was useless to me since I had to stay in Europe to earn the big bonus and I had no plans to be in Europe during that time period. My offer was based on having stayed at a Holiday Inn in Berlin in March 2013. Another family member with no IHG hotel stays had a better offer for 2013 The Big Win promotion.

Lucky at One Mile at a Time has an offer with one task to complete hotel stays in three countries outside the USA and another task to stay at three InterContinental Hotels. He can earn 81,300 points with a minimum six nights. That should be no problem with his travel lifestyle.

There was one FlyerTalk member who needs 17 nights to complete one task.

My offer allows hotel stays anywhere and I can complete all five tasks with three nights and earn 60,500 bonus points or 10,500 bonus points and two free nights. I assume the free night is valid at any hotel worldwide.

The reason I can see why someone would choose 50,000 bonus points over two free nights is a member who would rather have points to stay more nights at lower category hotels or points for items besides hotel nights. 50,000 points can buy ten nights with PointBreaks and IHG Rewards Club has frequent 50% off special rates for reward nights. I have met people who are very frequent IHG guests who actually use points for merchandise instead of hotels. I would rather have two free IHG nights that I can use somewhere like InterContinental Amstel in Amsterdam, a place I can’t normally afford.

I have only had one IHG hotel stay so far in 2014 and my offer is a great bonus opportunity. My estimate is $300 max to complete all five tasks and potentially under $250 for three weekend nights at Holiday Inn.

Seems illogical that better promotion offers come to members who stay less frequently.

One FlyerTalk member reported IHG Rewards Club customer service responded to his email that there are technical problems with the promotion registration. Several FlyerTalk members stated the original offer seen during registration changed to one with more difficult tasks in an IHG email announcing the Into the Nights promotion.

Hopefully my offer does not change. I like the idea of two free nights after three paid nights.

Hopefully you received an offer that is good value for your travels.


Ric Garrido of Monterey, California is writer and owner of Loyalty Traveler.

Loyalty Traveler shares news and views on hotels, hotel loyalty programs and vacation destinations for frequent guests. Check out current hotel loyalty program offers across all the major chains in Loyalty Traveler’s monthly hotel promotions guide.

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  • Robert September 5, 2014

    Mine can be completed in three stays and yields 40K points plus 2 free nights. The only problem is that it requires those stays to be at the EVEN hotels (of which there are two one in Maryland and one in Connecticut). Fortunately, I live in the DC metro area, so at least I am close to the EVEN hotel. Unfortunately, they will all have to be pure mattress runs. Still, 40K points and 2 free nights is a pretty good return on $300 or so in hotel charges.

  • Carl P September 5, 2014

    I get my 50K points in 20 nights. Yeah!

    Not even registering.

  • Patrick September 5, 2014

    Yea mine is 3 of the following:
    75 nights (117 left in the year)
    3 Saturdays
    2 mobile bookings
    1 get the IHG Card.

    For this I can get 66,500. Mobile bookings and Sat is easy, 75 nights is crazy and I think it is kinda shady to try to make me get a credit card thru IHG.

  • Ric Garrido September 5, 2014

    Agree. 75 nights is crazy. You should get at least 150,000 bonus points for that kind of hotel stay activity.

  • Raffles September 5, 2014

    Ric, to save you checking, rates in Vegas in a couple of weeks are unattractive for mattress run purposes. It would have been very amusing otherwise 🙂

  • Dave M September 5, 2014

    Anyone have any luck finding out the terms on the “2 free nights?” I’ve looked everywhere, but no one seems to know.

  • Tony September 5, 2014

    i have your same outline, does the 3 nights have to be consecutive? or the 2 saturday nights counts toward it? and i will just have another night left?

  • Michael September 5, 2014


    My offer includes applying for a credit card. I can’t seem to find in the terms and conditions what happens if I’m denied the credit card. Does that count as one of my “4 of 5”?

    any thoughts/advice?

  • Michael September 5, 2014

    It is so frustrating when these offers are not spelled out.

    Here is the language I was referring to and it appears you need to be a forensic blogger to determine if simply applying for the credit card is good enought to satisfy the offer:

    Apply here for the IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card and earn 2,000 points. Plus, you can earn an additional 60,000 points if you’re approved for the credit card.

    Apply for IHG® Rewards Club Credit Card and earn 2,000 points
    Must be an IHG® Rewards Club member and must register your member number in advance to participate in this Offer. IHG® Rewards Club member may only receive total amount of points once. Points compliments of IHG® Rewards Club. This Offer will only be rewarded on IHG® Rewards Club Select Credit Card applications submitted through “Into the Nights” promotional site. Chase Bank USA, N.A. is not responsible for fulfillment of the bonus points Offer for applying for the card through the Into the Nights Promotion. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus points to be posted onto your account. IHG reserves the right of final interpretation. So that you are awarded your 2,000 point bonus for applying, Chase will provide only your Member ID to IHG.

    Earn 60,000 Points After You Spend $1,000 on Purchases in the First 3 Months of Account Opening
    This new cardmember bonus offer is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of this consumer credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of this consumer credit card who received a new cardmember bonus for this consumer credit card within the last 24 months. To qualify and receive your bonus, you must make Purchases totaling $1,000 or more during the first 3 months from account opening. (“Purchases” do not include balance transfers, cash advances, cash-like charges such as travelers checks, foreign currency, and money orders, any checks that access your account, overdraft advances, interest, unauthorized or fraudulent charges, or fees of any kind, including an annual fee, if applicable.) After qualifying, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus points to post to your account. To be eligible for this bonus offer, account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment. Chase may close your credit card account or suspend your right to use your credit card account, at any time for any reason, including account inactivity.

    This exclusive Offer is valid and applies to the original recipient only. IHG reserves the right to cancel, suspend and/or modify the Promotion/Offer at any time with or without notice. IHG reserves the right to remove a member’s bonus points if fraudulent use of the Offer is detected.

  • swag September 5, 2014

    VftW blog says the free nights will be similar to the credit card annual free night: any hotel worldwide, 1 year expiration.

    Which is the other reason some might opt for the points, that is, if you don’t plan to use the stay with the year. Points don’t expire.

  • Ric Garrido September 5, 2014

    @Raffles – I don’t need to pay for my hotel room in Las Vegas :).

    @Michael – looks like you get the 2,000 points regardless if you are approved or denied after applying for the credit card.

    @Tony – the three nights do not need to be consecutive. I will book two Saturday nights and another night for a two-night stay at a Holiday Inn or some other hotel for any night of the week that I need a stay.

    @Dave M – Gary at View from the Wing was told by IHG that the terms are same as credit card free night credits which are good for any hotel worldwide and valid for one year.

  • DJP September 5, 2014

    I havent been able to find what the free night hotel restrictions are..if you get the free night cert its good till when…one year from when you earn it? since the promo ends at theend of Deccember it would be good for all of 2015?

    does it say its good worldwide? Is it limited to only certain hotels?

    Will there be an option to pick which you want?

  • Brian September 5, 2014

    Still not able to view my offer.

    I was able to register for the promo, but I have “0 available offers”. I must complete “0 of 1 offers to earn 25,000 points.” basically, I have no tasks to complete and no way to earn any points.

  • Raffles September 6, 2014

    @Ric – I’m in the Four Seasons upstairs, but I would have been willing to pay a quick visit to a local IHG property to hit my ‘2 overseas hotels’ target. Rates are not good though.

  • James H September 6, 2014

    Has anyone had their promo criteria change. I logged in on Thursday and got an offer that included 9200 points for 7 stays, 5600 points for 3 HIE stays, 4800 points for 2 stays booked through the app. I log in this morning and my offer has changed to include 2500 points for 3 stays, 1200 points for 2 Holiday Inn stays and 500 points to book one stay using the app.

  • Marilyn B September 6, 2014

    @Brian – My husband’s account has the same issue. I emailed IHG and at first they gave us a form reply “you are already registered.” So we sent them a screenshot and they replied almost immediately that they are aware of issues and there are technical problems they are trying to fix and to check again sometime later. We’re leaving it until Monday to see what happens.

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