Andaz, Marriott and Westin Napa, California are closed for repairs

Five days since the 6.0 earthquake shook Napa hard last Sunday morning, August 24. Over 20% of the town’s hotel inventory is shut down. Andaz, Marriott and Westin Napa, California are closed for repairs. Westin Verasa Napa and Marriott Napa are located on opposite sides of the city with Hyatt’s luxury Andaz in central downtown Napa between them.

Andaz Napa suffered some extensive damage during the quake.

Here is a first person experience from @Frenchie2Kiss telling me about the experience on Twitter Monday, the day after the quake.

Napa Quake Twitter Sizzle

Here are the tweets in chronological order from August 25, the day following the quake.

The first tweet to me states “My room [at Andaz Napa] was destroyed! Very much doubt it would be fully operational in a week!”

“TV was mounted to a wooden wall bolted to the wall. Heavy & thick! The whole wooden wall crashed onto desk then onto my bed!”

“The wood framed full size mirror by the entryway was knocked down then fell sideway and completely block the narrow walkway”

“Another big mirror on the side of the bed also fell and shattered”

“The space between the desk/TV wall and bed was narrow (one person wide) so the whole wall hit the bed where my leg was!”

“Physically we are ok just minor bruise on my feet. Whatever hit my feet saved my legs from the heavy wall panel.”

“Bathroom is completely destroyed as well with glasses everywhere! Water was dripping.. It will take them a while to fix up.”

“I am surprised any hotel in downtown area is open! Westin is closed so is Marriott which isn’t in downtown.”

“I am thankful that the ceiling in room did not collapse!!! There was no where to hide if that happened.

Twitter – @Frenchie2Kiss (August 25, 2014)

“Andaz Napa just called me.. They are closed until 9/30 as they clean up and remodel!” (August 28, 2014)

Andaz Napa is closed until September 30. That is a true hardship as September is wine crush and peak tourism season and the highest rates of the year.

Westin Verasa Napa has this statement on their website.

Please note:
  • Federal Flood Control Project Until September 8, 2014
  • Minor Earthquake Damage

Westin Verasa Napa is located on the Napa River on the east end of town.

Marriott Napa is about 3 miles west of the Westin.

Napa Google Maps

Napa Valley Marriott and Westin Verasa Napa on Google Maps.

Napa Valley Marriott website states the hotel will be closed until further notice.

The hotel is currently closed due to damage sustained by the 6.0 magnitude earthquake on August 24. The hotel will remain closed until further notice. We regret any inconvenience this may cause. For updated information please visit our Facebook page. If you are a guest with an existing reservation or if you have any questions related to the hotel closure, please call Marriott Global Reservations at 1-800-228-9290.

Napa Valley Marriott Hotel & Spa

650 rooms at these hotels out of 3,000 rooms is a major impact on Napa in peak season for the wineries.

According to the Downtown Napa Association, several hotels in the city of Napa are currently closed due to damage, including Andaz, the Napa Marriott and the Westin. Smith said that’s about 650 of the city’s 3000 rooms, but added that but other hotels are helping out and honoring previously quoted prices to accommodate as many visitors as possible.

Napa County officials increased the damage estimate of Sunday’s earthquake to $362 million Thursday and formally sought federal financial assistance to help begin rebuilding the crumbled structures, shattered windows and damaged economy.

The Press Democrat Santa Rosa

The city of Napa is a residential city and the wineries are primarily located in Napa Valley to the north. Most wineries are open for business. You may need to adjust your hotel plans and stay somewhere a little more distant and a lot less expensive like Fairfield or Vallejo, California.

Wishing all a quick recovery in Napa.


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