GrawliX-Files Cocaine, booze and W Hotel 16 floor chair drop

This Grawlix-Files story goes into the ‘crazy f#@king s#@t that happens when you are a wasted traveler’ category. A naked man tossed chair from 16th floor balcony of W Hotel Fort Lauderdale is a news item that caught my eye this morning from NBC News Miami. Cocaine, booze and W Hotel 16 floor chair drop along with beer bottles are an indicator your ‘keeping it real’ trip has gone bad.

A 33-year old The Woodlands, Texas man was arrested after tossing beer bottles and a hotel room chair off the 16th floor W Hotel Fort Lauderdale in the after-midnight hours early Tuesday morning. The chair and bottles shattered, a contract worker in the pool area of the hotel received minor injuries and when police arrived, the room occupant was naked and a bag of white powder was visible in the bathroom. Turned out to be cocaine.

Austin Ragans was arrested at the hotel Tuesday on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, possession of cocaine and criminal mischief, according to Broward County jail and court records. He has been released on $28,600 bond.

Judge Hurley in the NBC Miami video says Ragans’ bond will be revoked if he drinks alcohol or does illegal drugs while the case is active.

Hurley estimated the chair had traveled about 160 feet from the balcony to the ground.

“You’re fortunate that Mr. Moore’s neck wasn’t snapped and you weren’t here on a manslaughter charge,” Hurley said.

NBC Miami

Watching Naked Man Tosses Chair From Hotel Balcony: Police!/on-air/as-seen-on/Naked-Man-Tosses-Chair-From-Hotel-Balcony_-Police/272942671 …

That is some crazy f#@king s#@t that happens when you are a wasted traveler.


By the way, f#@king and s#@t are called a grawlix. I see them all the time, like on The Daily Show, but I just learned today there is a specific word – grawlix – for symbol swearing.


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