Boise or Bust? Marriott eBreaks Labor Day weekend 2014

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Monday and Marriott eBreaks.

Boise or bust? Marriott eBreaks Labor Day weekend, 2014 had Idaho catch my eye this week as I thought about some mileage runs in 2003 flying Alaska Airlines on 35 flight segments with a few nights spent in Boise, Idaho and Portland, Oregon for the journey.

Read more about Boise after the Marriott eBreaks list.

Hey, this is the new norm for Marriott’s weekly post, so I’ll add more content to my eBreaks hotel list blog post.

Here are the Marriott eBreaks links for discount hotel stays August 28-31, this Thursday through Sunday, Marriott eBreaks Labor Day weekend, 2014.




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Alaska Airlines 100,000 mile bonus mileage runs Autumn 2003.

Alaska Airlines went on an airline industry challenge in 2003. First, they offered a status match for United Mileage Plus members and I received Alaska Mileage Plan Gold MVP for my United 1K status. Then, a promotion came out offering 100,000 bonus miles for flying 35 Alaska Airlines/Horizon segments.

[That tripped me out just now to see the news release dated August 25, this date eleven years ago.]

There was a fare from San Jose, California to Portland, Oregon in eight flight segments on Horizon Air prop airplanes for $158 round trip. Routings took me along a route of San Jose – Boise – Lewiston/Spokane – Seattle – Portland. I purchased four tickets and took 32 flight segments with overnights in Boise and Portland. The final three segments for 100,000 bonus miles were completed in a November Thanksgiving trip to Vancouver, British Columbia.

alaska 100K

Alaska Airlines 2003 promotion for 100,000 bonus miles.

Of course the best part was complimentary microbrew beer served on Horizon Airlines flights to any passenger of legal age.


Sacajawea and Pomp, Idaho Historical Museum Boise, Idaho

Sacajawea and Pomp, Boise, Idaho.

I met several wonderful people living in Idaho along my journey through the Pacific Northwest and even found myself drinking inflight beer with one FlyerTalker making the same San Jose to Portland mileage run on one of my four trips.

Horizon Airlines

Horizon Air October 2003


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