Best Western 1,451 hotels in Europe

The competitive advantage of Best Western International compared to other major hotel chains is the proportion of hotels outside the USA. Best Western is truly an international hotel chain. There are more than 4,000 Best Western hotels and only 2,163 hotels are in North America. This makes Best Western Rewards an international hotel loyalty program for American travelers with a larger footprint than any other hotel chain to earn points in the USA and stay in a large selection of hotels around the world.

Best Western 1,451 hotels in Europe

Best Western has 1,451 hotels in Europe. That blows away any other hotel chain, except Accor Hotels. The competitive disadvantage for Accor Hotels for US residents is the France-based hotel chain barely has a presence in North America. Also, Le Club Accorhotels loyalty program operates on a revenue-model, so points earned is always a function of money spent.

1,451 Best Western hotels in Europe is more hotels than Starwood, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and Carlson combined. More than 90 percent of Best Western hotels in Europe have three or four-star ratings.

In recent searches for my upcoming travels in Scandinavia and Greece, I have found Best Western hotels to be one of my booking options in places where there are no other major chain hotels or at a price far lower than other major chain hotels.

Athens, Greece

Best Western has seven hotels in Athens and 3 hotels within 100 miles of Athens including Greek Islands. Most of these hotels are under $100 per night.

Best Western Rewards currently has a promotion offer for a free night at any hotel in USA, Canada or Caribbean after three stays at any Best Western hotels worldwide.

Friday, August 15

Best Western ATH Museum

Saturday, August 16

Best Western ATH Pyg

Sunday, August 17

Best Western ATH Embassy

The point of this post is to show how a place like Athens, Greece has a selection of hotels where you can fulfill the Best Western promotion for a free night while paying for your travel hotel nights in Athens. I did not look at maps to see the proximity of these hotels to each other.

Three nights in Athens for $238 and as a Best Western Rewards member you earn a free night for any hotel in the USA.

Best Western SF

Best Western Tuscan Inn, San Francisco on September 24 is over $400 per night for two Queen beds or 36,000 points or three hotel nights in Athens, Greece for $238.


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  1. Are there any good ways to accumulate BW points? Credit cards? Transfer partners? I bought some during Daily Getaways, but that’s all I have and would like to build my balance.

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