Marijuana-friendly Colorado hotels and lodging

A new meaning for B&B in Colorado lodging is ‘bud and breakfast’. There is a growing need for marijuana-friendly Colorado hotels and lodging as weed tourism gains traction in the wake and bake state. Colorado law since January 1, 2014 makes marijuana usage legal, but where do you go with your newly-purchased weed if you are a tourist on a green getaway?

Colorado Pot Guide offers a listing of marijuana-friendly Colorado hotels and lodging.

Colorado marijuana law allows hotels and private rental properties to decide themselves whether to allow guests to consume marijuana on premises. We’re seeing some hotels and resorts ban it outright, while others will accommodate guests smoking in their rooms, or an outside area, such as a room balcony.   Colorado Pot Guide

There are maps of Denver and Colorado on the webpage showing marijuana-friendly lodging. Apparently, several hotels and B&Bs are working with pot-tourism companies in Colorado, yet not openly advertising their rooms and properties as marijuana-friendly.

There are several major hotel chain brand properties listed on the Colorado Pot Guide Where to Stay page including a Days Inn (Wyndham) La Quinta Inn, Microtel Inn & Suites (Wyndham), and Quality Inn (Choice).

The first listing on the Colorado Pot Guide page is a Denver Hotel that participates in My420Tours weed-tourism packages.

Denver My420Tours hotel

I looked at the photo of the room and it jogged my memory of a hotel in downtown Denver where I stayed last year during a blizzard.

I would not describe this as a luxury hotel, but certainly a good upper upscale hotel in Denver.


My420Tours webpage states the hotel details will be provided after booking.

TripAdvisor photos from this hotel bear a striking resemblance to the photo used in the $209 room package advertisement down to the bedding and picture on the wall.


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  1. […] Marijuana-friendly Colorado hotels and lodging. By Loyalty Traveler. Wow, this is moving fast: “Bud and Breakfast”, “My420Tours weed-tourism packages” and a few not awe inspiring hotels mentioned that you burn hotel points. It will be a really fun place to hold a DO in an establishment like this lol! #hint  Comment #1 is by a Colorado based lawyer and it’s really good. […]


  1. For those of you coming to Denver for weed tourism, a few things to consider:

    – Buy only what you’re capable of consuming! The rental car companies are getting a bit tired of cleaning your leftovers out of returned vehicles.

    – You still aren’t allowed to simply blaze up on any street corner. Private property is your only (legal) option. That said, if you’re discreet, you’ll probably be ok.

    – We do arrest people for driving under the influence of marijuana. And, like DUIs for alcohol, you don’t have to be driving to get popped. If you’re in the car and in control of the keys, you’re in trouble.

    – Federal land is governed by federal law! It’s still illegal to possess and smoke marijuana in national parks.

    Also, that “Charming Bed and Breakfast in College Park” is smack dab in the center of a rather crappy section of Colfax. Don’t stay there.

    lawyer that deals with MJ laws and businesses frequently.

    (not legal advice, consult counsel, blah blah blah)

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