Hotel brands Facebook page visits reveal Starwood more popular than Hilton and Hyatt beats Marriott

Skift.com is one of my favorite sites for travel industry data and news. Data in tables published in an article on Skift.com last week about hotel brands Facebook page visits reveal Starwood Hotels brands get more customer engagement than any other hotel chain with over 14 million visits. Starwood Hotels nine brands receive more Facebook page visits than Hilton Worldwide hotel brands by nearly 1.5 million visits. Starwood brands have more than double the Facebook page visits of Marriott International hotel brands at 6.8 million visits. Even Hyatt brands beat Marriott brands for total Facebook visits.

Two interesting observations on the Skift piece published July 25 came from my analysis today. I checked the hotel brand Facebook pages and updated the Facebook Visits numbers in the Skift article table.

Firstly, there were some major errors in the Skift.com article regarding Hyatt brands. Somehow the numbers for Hyatt were changed along the way in the Facebook Most Visited Hotel Brands table. The Skift article overview of the Facebook data shows 7.3 million views across Hyatt hotel brands, yet a conclusion based on the Skift data neglected to catch the discrepancy between the 7.3 million and the less than 3 million visits posted in the Skift table.

Skift stated Marriott, Westin and DoubleTree are the 3rd, 4th and 5th most visited Facebook pages. My data shows Hyatt Regency is the third most visited hotel brand Facebook page.

Secondly, IHG brands were not included in the original survey. Perhaps IHG only added Facebook visits in the past week? Anyway, I checked IHG brands and found Facebook visits data.

The table below is my modified and updated version of the Skift.com table published last week. This table corrects some errors with Hyatt data in the Skift table and I have added IHG and Best Western data.

Skift Facebook survey

The Facebook visits data tells a story with Starwood and Hyatt getting as much social engagement as the much larger Hilton and Marriott hotel chains. The data is incomplete for an accurate comparison.

Facebook Likes vs. Facebook Visits

Facebook Hilton

Hilton Hotels Facebook Page has 1,216,950 Likes and 7,821,788 Visits.

Most of the hotel brand pages have more visits than Likes. But this is not always the case.

Facebook Renaissance Hotels

Renaissance Hotels has 958,517 likes, but only 510,983 visits.

Could this be why Marriott Rewards Plus Points dropped the offer for 250 bonus points for a Facebook like earlier this month?

Another problem with the Skift data and conclusions are missing hotel brands due to the Facebook page only showing Likes without Visits data.

Major hotel brands are missing from the table like Hilton Garden Inn and Ritz-Carlton which would likely push Marriott over Hyatt for total Facebook page visits, assuming the page has more visits than likes. Unlike Renaissance Hotels Facebook page with more likes than visits, Marriott Facebook has 2.5 times more visits than likes at 3.69 million visits compared to 1.48 million likes.

Facebook Ritz Carlton

Hotel brands where Facebook only shows likes were excluded from the Skift survey. This excludes Hilton Garden Inn. For some reason, the Skift article did not include any IHG brands. I included IHG in my revised table column. Carlson Hotel brands Radisson Blu, Park Inn and Country Inn do not show Facebook page visits and were excluded from the table.

Facebook Candlewood

Candlewood Suites is a good extended stay hotel brand when you want a kitchen and one-bedroom suite. Come on readers. Give Candlewood Suites Facebook page a visit to push them into double digits.

Here is my revised table update to Skift for the total visits of Facebook pages for the major hotel chains.

Facebook visits by hotel chain

Facebook Visits by Hotel Chain shows Starwood Hotels has the largest market share for eyes with one-third of Facebook visits among these six hotel chains. In the past week Starwood brands received slightly more Facebook page visits than Hilton brands.

Hyatt Hotels outranks Marriott and outpaced Marriott significantly in the past week for Facebook page views. Marriott needs to add Ritz-Carlton data to improve their count.

IHG has comparatively weak consumer engagement on their Facebook pages despite being the largest chain by number of hotels of any of these hotel chains surveyed.

Skift.com – Tracking Facebook’s Most Visited Hotel Brands (July 25, 2014)


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