Airbnb Belong Anywhere new symbol

Belong Anywhere is the meaning of the new airbnb symbol.

Airbnb symbol

TechCrunch calls the Airbnb symbol a a hippy-dippy concept that airbnb community members will buy into.

airbnb symbol 3

The new company symbol comes with a redesigned company website. The new layout is easy to navigate.

airbnb santa cruz house

A pool house in Santa Cruz, California sounds really cool for $106 and about $12 per night service fees.

There is a map to show lodging location. This is a good part of Santa Cruz to be located not too far from the beach in the better part of the city in my opinion.

airbnb map

Then I read the shower is outside. Now that is a hippy-dippy concept!

You will find everything you need in the house – full equipped kitchen, bathroom, living room with tv on the groundfloor, 2 beds and a balcony with a wonderful view on the first floor. The shower is not in the house, it’s located outside on the terrace and it was very special and funny. Even if it was not that warm the time we used it, it was very comfortable to use. And so it was also special and unique.


I want to give airbnb a try, really!

My look at Santa Cruz, California today shows private rooms and even a small pool house for about $120 per night after tax and service fees. That is a decent deal for someone wanting to be in the California beach town of Santa Cruz.

The rates for rooms were mostly in the price range of luxury hotels when I checked Airbnb for Charleston, South Carolina back in May 2014.

One of these days Airbnb and my lodging needs will intersect at a good price and place. Perhaps then I will meet some cool people and fall in love with Airbnb. Until then I will keep checking in and enjoying the expected hotel amenities and privacy – along with a shower inside my hotel room.

Airbnb symbol-2

Airbnb Belong Anywhere


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