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Marriott Rewards Plus Points now need 80 actions to earn 2,000 points

Marriott Rewards Plus Points apparently has decided giving away 2,000 points for five minutes of time to ‘Follow’ eight hotels on Twitter was not meeting its social media promotion objectives.

The terms and conditions for Plus Points changed July 11 and the 250 points earn rate for a Facebook ‘Like’ or Twitter ‘Follow’ are no longer available. Marriott Rewards Plus Points added many more hotel properties in the Marriott and Renaissance brands, however, the terms changed July 11 reducing the 250 points per Twitter account ‘Follow’ to just 25 points and eliminating the 250 points earned for each Facebook page ‘Like’. There is now a limit of four actions per 24 hours meaning a 100 points per day earning limit.

To Repeat: The new terms for Marriott Rewards Plus Points areduced Twitter Follows from 250 points to 25 points and eliminated the 250 points per Facebook page ‘Like’. FourSquare activity has been eliminated for earning Marriott Rewards points.

Whereas members could earn 2,000 points in the past two months with a quick eight Twitter account ‘Follows’, going forward members need 80 actions over 20 days to max out the 2,000 points per 30 day period.

Marriott Rewards Plus Points has now become a time hog activity for free points.

Earning 2,000 Marriott Rewards Points now takes 80 social media actions

I have been waiting for a new set of points to post in July from all my Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Follows’. There is a limit of 2,000 Marriott Rewards points earned every 30 days through Plus Points. Marriott Rewards Plus Points was an easy way for me to earn 2,000 Marriott Rewards points on June 11 with eight quick Follows of different hotels and brands on Twitter last month. I had anticipated earning 10,000 free points by the time the promotion ends in November 2014. Now that the social media activity has to happen over at least 20 days of a 30 day period to earn 2,000 points, I may not reach 10,000 free points by November.

It now appears that 80 actions are required to earn the 2,000 points every 30 days rather than the quick and simple eight Twitter ‘Follows’ to earn 2,000 points last month. Social media retweets earn 25 points.

This change means Marriott Rewards Plus Points requires far more social interaction activity to earn points than in the past two months.

Marriott Rewards Plus Points FAQ

Navigate to

  1. Enter your Marriott Rewards number
  2. Press the Facebook button to link your Facebook account first
  3. You will receive a confirmation page and will be prompted to link your other social profile accounts. You can link all 3 of your social profiles to PlusPoints by linking one at a time on this confirmation page.
  4. Marriott Plus Points Table
    Marriott Rewards Plus Points new points earning table effective July 11, 2014 reduced Twitter ‘Follow’ from 250 points to 25 points and eliminated points for Facebook page ‘Like’.

Marriott Rewards Plus Points list of participating hotel properties. There are over 200 properties making it still possible to earn 2,000 points by following 80 hotel properties every 30 days for 25 points per ‘Follow’. That will get you through two to three months and then social media retweets are another way to earn points.

The 25 points per action and limit of four actions per 24 hours means members will have to engage 20 days out of 30 days to earn 2,000 points.

For reference, here is a copy of the old table for earning marriott Rewards Plus Points. FourSquare has been dropped. and the 250 points Like/Follow row is gone.

Marriott Plus Points
Original Marriott Rewards Plus Points promotion earned 250 points per Twitter ‘Follow’ and Facebook ‘Like’. FourSquare was also part of the social media promotion.

Registered participants in the PlusPoints promotion do not need to be occupying a room at these properties in order to earn points for a social check-in.

You will receive an email shortly after earning your points. The email will be sent to the email address designated as Primary on your Facebook account. This may not be the same email address that is associated with your Marriott Rewards account. Additionally, you can look at your Marriott Rewards account profile at to view activity.

How do I earn points using hashtags?


See the overview chart for point values and caps. You will receive points for posting the #MRpoints hashtag with one of the following hashtags on your personal Twitter feed or Instagram profile:

  • #LoveMarriottRewards
  • #RenHotels
  • #AutographHotels

This beta pilot is for Marriott Rewards members only; The Ritz-Carlton Rewards Program and The Ritz-Carlton Hotel brand are not participating.

You can remove the application from one or more of your social accounts by going to the following links:

You can use your Marriott Rewards points for over 250 redemption options or toward stays at Marriott® destinations worldwide.


  • This is definitely a bummer. But at least I’m getting some points by retweeting everyone’s blog posts about the change! 😉 Thanks again for being one of the few bloggers who consistently posts about Marriott, by the way. I know it isn’t a popular program, but it works for my family based on our travel patterns and it is nice to learn new ways to make it work even better.

  • DaninSTL July 15, 2014

    Yeah not as good of a deal but I still like it. Little work per day for points.

  • Rapid Travel Chai July 15, 2014

    The result is I am discontinuing my participation.

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