Airfare sale west coast to Europe Sep 1-Oct 15 for $700 to $750 UA, AA, US

A fare sale is happening across the USA to many destinations in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria with several airlines for September 1 to October 15 travel. American Airlines and US Airways have fares from Monterey, California (MRY) and many other airports for economy class travel to Brussels, Frankfurt, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Vienna, Zurich, and other locations. United Airlines is also offering similar rates to many European destinations.

UPDATE Saturday, July 12 – as far as I can tell this airfare sale is gone today based on checks I made. Fares now back up to $1,100 to $1,300.

Sample airfares:

$694 US Airways, Monterey, CA – Brussels, Belgium Sep 23 – Sep 30

$728 American Airlines, British Airways, US Airways, Oakland, CA – Brussels, Belgium Sep 23 – Sep 30

$723 American Airlines San Francisco – Dusseldorf, Germany Oct 14-21

$748 US Airways San Francisco – Frankfurt, Germany Oct 14-21

$728 American Airlines Monterey – Zurich, Switzerland Oct 14-21

This is a heads up post for travelers who don’t mind flying economy class. These fares are not as low as the spring sale on United and Delta to Scandinavia ($400 to $575), but these are the lowest fares I have seen lately for west coast to Europe. Even better is this sale is available from secondary feeder airports like Monterey (MRY), sometimes with lower prices than the major hubs like SFO and LAX. That is quite a savings for a traveler like me flying out of my home airport rather than driving to San Francisco and paying to park my car during the trip.

There are many routes around the US offering discount airfare for September-October travel. I only scratched the surface with my searches for Monterey and the San Francisco Bay area airports.

MRY-BRU $728

https://www.google.com/flights/ is the site I use to find deals from Monterey.

TheFlightDeal.com is where I learned about this sale.


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  1. Thanks for the post. My company office is Hq’ed in Santa Cruz so this is an interesting fit.

  2. I got lower airfare from Tucson,AZ to Zurich for $693. Can we buy tix from Tucson and board from Phoenix,AZ? Tickets from Phoenix are $200 more.

  3. Mohan,

    If you buy a ticket TUS-PHX-ZRH (one way or round trip), and do not get on the TUS-PHX flight, the entire rest of the ticket will be cancelled.
    This is industry standard. The exception would be if you called the airline before departure, and due to some extenuating circumstances, they agreed to re-ticket to originate in PHX, and agreed to waive the fare difference and change fees.

    Your best bet is to drive to TUS if you want to save $200.

  4. Throw away ticketing works on missing the last segment of a multi-segment flight.

    Once I bought a cheap one-way ticket from Philadelphia to San Diego for about $100 when summer fares were steep to San Francisco around $300.

    My wife and I had carry-on luggage only. The routing was US Airways PHL-SFO-SAN. At the stop in San Francisco we got off and drove home without taking the SFO-SAN flight.

    Works on the last flight of a multi-segment ticket.

    As Jeff said, your ticket will be cancelled if you miss the first segment.

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