Club Carlson 24 hour sale $4 per 1,000 points, up to 70,000 points ends 6/19

One day after Daily Getaways sales, Club Carlson announces a flash sale for points with a 75% bonus. Normal rate to buy points is $7.00 per 1,000 with a 40,000 points per year purchase limit.

75% bonus points drops the rate to $4 per 1,000 points and a person can buy up to 70,000 points with this flash sale to max out the purchased points limit for 2014. (Note: Purchased points limit of 40,000 points does not apply to Daily Getaways sales this week.)

Club Carlson Buy Points Flash Sale from 12 noon Eastern, Wednesday, June 18 to 11:59am Thursday, June 19 offers 75% bonus points.

Club Carlson Twitter flash sale

Note: Link goes to Club Carlson member sign-in page portal to points purchase, unless you are already logged in to Club Carlson.

Club Carlson log-in 

Club Carlson link goes to member sign-in page if you are not already logged in to Club Carlson. After member login the page goes to Points.com for purchase.

Club Carlson Purchase

Deal Analysis

This is a deal I will go for since I have a two-week trip to Norway. Radisson Blu offers dozens of hotels in Scandinavia with rates in the $200+ per night range. Club Carlson Visa members get one free night on award stays of two-nights or longer. I plan to be a hotel discount king with two night Club Carlson award stays for my European trip.

No doubt this is a good deal for U.S. resident Club Carlson Visa card holders, yet points at this price can still be a good deal for members without Club Carlson Visa for lower category hotels.

$4 per 1,000 points means a Club Carlson category 1 hotel = $36 at 9,000 points per night.

Category 1 = 9,000 points = $36

Category 2 = 15,000 points = $60

Category 3 = 28,000 points = $112

Category 4 = 38,000 points = $152

Category 5 = 44,000 points = $176

Category 6 = 50,000 points = $200

Category 7 = 70,000 points = $280

These are the cost of award nights for different category Club Carlson hotel award nights. These rates are cut by half for Club Carlson Visa card members redeeming points for two night stays.

Click on this link to find hotels in each Club Carlson award category. Simply click the category number to see a list of hotels.

Watch Club Carlson’s Facebook page and Twitter account for other Gold Points® Flash Sale events coming soon.

There may be more Club Carlson flash sales if you are not ready to click the mouse yet.


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  1. A little confused by the chart and reality. Just checked the chart for Radisson Warwick RI and it shows 38,000. Went to Carlson website and they show 58,000????

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