Fund my Four Seasons RTW trip for $130,000

Should I start a KickStarter campaign to raise the $130,000 for this Four Seasons exclusive experience to travel on a branded 757 jet for a 24-day around the world journey?

Four Seasons has the hotel industry’s first branded jet for guest travel. The 52-passenger black 757 aircraft, emblazoned with white letter Four Seasons on the fuselage and the company’s tree logo on the tail, offers flatbed leather seats, plush carpeting, global wi-fi, flight chefs and a concierge to plan spa treatments and golf tee times at the next Four Seasons Resort.

This is not the first time Four Seasons has offered chartered jet travel around the world trips. In 2012, there was an unbranded 78-passenger jet used for an around the world experience with Four Seasons. But, now with only 52 passengers spending exorbitant amounts of cash for a 24-day, six-figure vacation, my round-the-world trip will be even more exclusive. The new plane configuration ensures guests can exit the plane at least a minute or two more quickly than the previous First Class plane configuration used for the Four Seasons around-the–world excursion.

The 24-day, nine cities itinerary begins in Los Angeles and stops in Bora Bora, Thailand, India, Turkey and London. Luxury hotel accommodations at each destination provided by Four Seasons.

The $130,000 price for solo travel drops to $119,000 for double occupancy. Price includes transportation, lodging, excursions, meals and drinks.

That’s a hefty price tag for a 24-day trip, but if you pledge financial support support to pay my fare (Four Seasons does not take points and miles for this trip), I pledge to readers to blog and share my experience about the cabin comforts and service and post numerous photos of the jet and each Four Seasons hotel I sleep in along the way.

Since Kickstarter did not work for Lucky at One Mile at a Time trying to raise $25,000 to fly a 6-hour flight in the Etihad Residences, I’ll take a new approach and accept your pledges for monetary donations directly through the comments of this post.

Kickstarter Lucky


And just think what better value I’ll give you for your your money since the Four Seasons Around the World will be 24 days experiencing luxury travel for me rather than just one six-hour flight experience Lucky would have had with Etihad Residences.

Blogger Disclosure: I have never stayed the night in a Four Seasons Hotel, even though I have written about them once or twice before on Loyalty Traveler and I have probably written more about Best Western, Choice and Wyndham Hotels in the past six years than any other travel blogger on the planet.

Source: Bloomberg News



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  1. We need to stop these silly kickstarters. People do better things with ur money.

  2. People need to get over making a joke out of Ben’s kickstarted campaign. It’s getting old & lame. G e t o v e r i t.

  3. Amazing! Keep em coming. Lucky deserves every bit of ridicule he gets for an incredibly stupid kickstarter campaign. I personally pledge my virginity along with 25K!

  4. Guys! Guys! We need to stop making fun of Ben. He was only doing it for his readers, he wasn’t doing it for himself! PS: Lufthansa is the best airline eva, amirite? LOL! #HotelsFullTime #MyParentsHaveGermanAccents


  5. Long time reader of your blog and just wanted to say come on! Don’t you think there is something more worthwhile we could all get together to spend our money on? How about we raise the money an feed the homeless in a town for a month. Or provide housing to homeless for a week and a chance to get back on their feet.

  6. If you’d like help with funding that trip then do a kickstarter. People are free to give or not. That’s up to them — you can only ask.

    That said, I would say $135k for one experience for one or a few people is not to me an appropriate ask. When the flights for cancer treatment programs can’t manage to give flights to even a fraction of their requests (related to your field) and people have inadequate food or no shelter (related to being human), I think any fundraising of that scale should address other, more fundamental needs.

    This could be done jointly. — any fundraising for your project (which _will_ garner PR) could include an added amount for something more elemental/necessary/just. Then it’s a win win and more appealing for a broader group.

  7. LOL at all of the people who think this is serious. If you want to see serious go to kickstarter and see all of the idiots who want people to pay for their vacation so that they can make a “movie” about it.

  8. Start it up, I’ll pay for your whole trip single handedly to spite Lucky. That guy was just too greedy!

    I thought this was a great shot at Lucky, but you guys are saying there’s more bloggers doing it too? Link please. Need a laugh.

  9. Loved your post! I have been waiting for a Boarding Area blogger to show some sanity and common sense on this matter; unlike Gary, Delta Points, and obviously Ben the beggar! I’ve boycotted their blogs, but still visit BA because I feel there are some good people left.

    Funny how we have not heard from any of them since the KS campaign started. I did see a copy of an email he sent to his KS supporters a day before the end of his campaign. Wish you could get a copy and publish it. So disingenuous, and basically he felt uncomfortable asking for more support publicly, but asked his supporters to do their best in the final 24hrs.

  10. I didn’t donate to Lucky’s KickStarter’s campaign (thought about it for a bit but decided not to), and I have a tremendous amount of respect to Ric for his original analysis and generally credit card ad-free blog. But making a post just to mock Lucky is just a bit harsh and unnecessary…

  11. Awesome! With that great price break for double occupancy, you should definitely take someone with you.

  12. Chase Ink.

    I really like the idea.

    Chase Ink.


    Chase Ink.

    (please consider another post in this vein on Chase Ink)

  13. HOW DARE YOU ridicule Lucky in such a way???

    You have now just ruined your chances of his parents funding your project.

    What goes around comes around.

  14. I will donate $1,000 for every comment on this thread….including mine.

  15. Congrats. You have now joined Wandering Aramean as the only BA blogger I will read. I will not go thru BA as I don’t want them to get any revenue but will visit directly. I found this post thru TravelBloggerBuzz.com. After OMAAT beg a thon and the support of the powers at BA I have been completely turned off of BA. I was a loyal reader but the content has gone so downhill. Actually, it’s not content, it’s links. But hey, they are doing it all for their readers. Believe that and I have a bridge to sell you.

  16. Lucky was only collecting $25,000 from his readers. Asking for $130,000 completely crosses the line.

  17. To all who think this is poor taste. I suggest you go over to Ben (Lucky), Gary, and Delta Points – there stuff will likely taste better. But beware, no matter how good it tastes, you can’t eat the same thing day after day after day…. Hope you guys like Chase with a side of American Expresso.

  18. @Ed: I am Canadian, so I can easily ignore the CC links. In any case, food has to be put on the table.

    Kickstarter has been used in many industries to fund projects—what makes travel blogs any different?

  19. Right On…
    The only BA blog that I have spent more than 5 minutes reading.

  20. @Brian: It is not the cc links that I am talking about. It is the constant blogging about promoting their links. Go look at Gary’s posts the past few days alone; good chunk of them are about sign up bonuses and so on. I ignore the links too, but come on. They are professional CC sales people not hobbyists anymore. It is all fine, and too each their own, I’m not dinging them for that. I’m just pointing out the obvious and find it funny. Have you seen the BA landing page on a day when Chase announces a new sign up?

    As for the Kickstarter campaign; hey organize what you want, no problem there. Just be willing to deal with any potential backlash that is content (principle) based. Many people viewed Ben as asking for a handout, appearing to be self entitled. “I want to review this for you”. He contradicted himself a few times during his appeal; he even mentioned that he was conflicted about it. So don’t be surprised if there are many people who disagree with the idea.

  21. @Ed: I don’t really notice. I glance at the titles in my newsreader. If it is Credit Cards (or something similar) I just mark read and move on.

    Gary’s *politics* on the other hand…

    As for Kickstarter, well, I can see the old folks here not getting it… *shrugs*

    In the end this is a hobby for some, a business for others. What bothers me the most are the hobbyists who complain that sometimes it is a business. Do they think they would have a blog here if it wasn’t one?

  22. Great satire, love that your blog is dedicated to frugal travel. I would donate to a kickstarter where you reviewed a cheaper/offseason luxury hotel from a frugal perspective instead of the usual BA bling perspective.

  23. To the commenters who thought this was a real request, I did tag the post with ‘satire’. I have been a supporter for several years of http://passportswithpurpose.org/.

    This is an annual grassroots fundraiser by travel bloggers for concrete physical development projects in some of the neediest communities in the world. Along with Hyatt Gold Passport I helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for building schools in Cambodia, libraries in Zambia, water wells in Haiti and schools in Mali.

    To the bloggers who think I sunk too low in making satire of Lucky’s Kickstarter campaign. I was sitting in a Marriott in Charleston, South Carolina when I read Lucky’s post about Etihad Residences. I actually thought it was a good idea for Lucky, although I expected some backlash for him.

    When I want to know what a First Class airline product is like, I go to One Mile at a Time. I was surprised to see he did not follow up to promote the project. I think a weekly post would have generated the whole $25,000, but it appeared he changed his mind about promoting the campaign after the initial negative feedback from many commenters.

    When I came across the $130,000 Four Seasons jet and 24-day around the world tour, I wanted to share the news about this extravagant luxury trip, but it is so far out from what I generally write about. I had no premeditated plan to write about Lucky’s Kickstarter campaign. That just happened at 4:30am when I started writing and I have a 5:30am deadline when I have to get my wife up and ready for work. This is the piece I wrote in that hour.

    As far as credit card links go, I hate them. Manufactured spend is all fun and good and sign-up bonuses are great for accumulating large numbers of points, but I think the credit card game of the past five years is killing travel loyalty programs.

    The reason I started working in this field was due to the potential to travel and accrue points and miles by strategically using loyalty program bonuses to travel places for the best bonuses. I traveled South and Central America and earned 1,000,000 LatinPass miles in 2000. I traveled around Europe and Canada and earned 300,000 bonus miles in 1999 for flying OneWorld airlines. I traveled around Europe in 2002 and earned nearly 500,000 miles through the Star Alliance 5th anniversary promotion. These promotions were open to people worldwide. Now we are in a credit card game that totally favors U.S. citizens with advantages not available to millions of members in other countries who participate in the global loyalty programs.

    The bubble that happened in real estate and tanked the global economy for the past decade is now happening in travel loyalty programs. This bubble will burst.

    I had my share of first class travel and it was fun. But it was more fun when I could show people how to do it without involving banks.

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