Thanks Lucky for St. Regis D.C. at $34 per night

Around 10pm California time on Monday night I checked BoardingArea to see Lucky at One Mile at a Time posted St. Regis Washington, D.C. $30 per night about discount room rates for the month of November 2015. The St. Regis DC luxury hotel rates are normally in the $600 per night range.

I jumped on the Starwood Hotels website and started checking dates. My first thought was booking the first week of November 2015, but that would have meant a solo trip. The advantage was a higher room category with Grand Luxe Room at only $20 per night.

Then, I thought about booking two rooms and inviting relatives on the trip.

Then, I thought of my wife and how she told me the other day she was jealous of my solo travel this month when I took a road trip through the southeast and then drank all the wine I desired in the Gold Country wineries of Calaveras and Tuolumne Counties last week while she was working in her first grade classroom. Her school district always gets Thanksgiving week off work. Holiday airfare is a drag, but I booked Thanksgiving week 2015, so we could indulge in the St. Regis D.C. experience together. I have 18 months to find an airfare bargain.

St. Regis DC 30 rate

St. Regis Washington, DC prepaid room rate $30 per night for Deluxe King. This is a higher room category that the standard Superior room. Some dates had Grand Luxe category rooms for $20 per night when I first started checking dates. Those dates with Grand Luxe were disappearing quickly. Caroline Astor suites are seven rooms of the hotel and those were easier to find than Grand Luxe rooms.

St Regis Astor suite

Caroline Astor Suite at $100 per night was another steep discount for this room category that normally sells for around $900 to $1,000 per night. I did not want to prepay $600+ dollars on a hotel reservation 18 months in the future. And I did not want to book more than one reservation since in my experience, when a hotel honors a discount rate, there is often the stipulation that only one reservation will be honored for guests holding multiple reservations at the discount rate.

Ultimately I ended up booking a five night hotel stay reservation at $34 per night or $170 all-in. The discount rates for St. Regis D.C. were gone within about two hours of Lucky’s post.

St Regis DC

There were some other hotels popping up with low rates in London, Dubai, Florida and various cities.

Here is the FlyerTalk thread mentioning other hotels with low rates and other hotels were mentioned in the comments section of Lucky’s post. It has been 30 hours and no word from the  St. Regis Washington DC hotel cancelling the reservation as a mistake rate.

Fingers crossed this St. Regis $30 per night reservation holds.


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  1. I booked at both the St Regis and the Diplomat in FL and haven’t been notified by the hotel either! Fingers crossed! Definitely big thanks to Lucky!

  2. Carl it was gone within 1 hour of being posted 2 days ago. Thanks to the reader who told Lucky and for him posting it.

  3. I was in Colorado and wasn’t checking BA. Oh well.

    Have you ever been to the Marriott Coutyard on 16th street in Denver? I was there Saturday night and it had the highest hotel ceilings I’ve ever seen. Must have been 12 to 14 feet high. Used the credit card certificate.

  4. Just to clarify I mean in the hotel room itself.

    Loved Garden of the Gods and Rocky Mountain National Park.

  5. Ric,Congratulation on booking TGD 2015 weekend in beautiful.
    Looking forward for the hotel review.

  6. WOW! 2 days later and you’re posting this? It should be posted right away if you care about readers:P Clearly, not. Kisses :*

  7. @LOL – I tweeted it while the sale was happening. The deal was gone within the hour after I learned of it.

  8. I would be surprised if the price was honored. Last May there was a mistake fare for The Phoencian in Scottsdale where rooms going for $300+ was priced at ~$35. Eventually got an email from SPG that they would not honor the low rate but instead offered me a discounted rate at $129 plus double SPG pts.

    I would expect the same in this case.

  9. We are writing on behalf of the Westin Waltham Boston with regard to your reservation for November 2015.

    Please be aware that due to a system error, you were able to confirm an incorrect rate, significantly lower than the normal rates for the hotel. We have investigated the problem and concluded that instead of presenting the correct rate for the room type booked; our system published the difference between two rates, resulting in the incorrect, very low rate.

    We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause but we cannot honor your reservation at the incorrect rate. The correct nightly rate is $309.00. If you would like to keep your reservation, please respond to this email and we will ask the hotel team to adjust the rate and follow up with you directly. You may also cancel your reservation without penalty.

    If we do not hear from you by Wednesday June 4th, we will cancel the reservations. We realize this is disappointing and appreciate your understanding.


  10. I just read Lucky’s blog post with the same form letter canceling his St. Regis D.C. reservation.

    My email has not come yet. The email eluded me at first glance since it came from Service, Executive Guest and not Starwood Hotels. I received it at 8:00am California time this morning.

    Oh well, easy to book, easy to cancel. I wonder how long it will take Starwood to remove the charge from my credit card.

    No reason to file a class action lawsuit over a mistake rate for a reservation 18 months from now.

    Now if the charge is still on my credit card when it comes time to pay the bill, then I might be looking for some compensation in points.

    One of the main reasons I do not post mistake rates on Loyalty Traveler is they are generally not honored for hotels. Airlines are generally a different outcome.

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