Buy HHonors discount points Daily Getaways Fri May 23

At 1pm Eastern and 10am California time Hilton HHonors points are available for purchase through U.S. Travel Association’s Daily Getaways. This is a big ticket item starting at $550 for 100,000 points. The price is reduced 10% when paying with American Express.

Hilton HHonors 100,000 points = $550 ($495 with American Express payment).

  • 160 sets available.
  • One set available per member.

Hilton HHonors 150,000 points = $825 ($742.50 with American Express payment).

  • 200 sets available.
  • One set available per member.

Hilton HHonors 250,000 points = $1,375 ($1,237.50 with American Express payment).

  • 200 sets available.
  • One set available per member.

It is possible to buy one set of points in each offer for a total 500,000 points.

Deal Analysis

There are certainly hotels where points award nights would be a deal at this rate. To tell the truth though, from my perspective, a $500 investment in HHonors points is a big investment and I just don’t know if I can find that kind of value in hotel nights to justify speculative purchases.

HHonors points are points I could really use since my account is only about 10,000 points. There have been times this past year where Hilton HHonors would have been a good deal for me. Also, I have HHonors Gold elite status this year.

While there are certainly places where HHonors points would drop a hotel rate down from $300 to $200, that is still not sufficient incentive for me. My sweet spot would be if I could find several hotels where a $200 hotel night would be $100 with points and that seems harder to find. This means getting a hotel for 20,000 points and there are not many Hilton brand hotels at 20,000 points that run $200 per night.

The HHonors Points Search Tool is vital when looking for Hilton award nights. After checking several places I did locate a very good rate savings after about 20 minutes of searches.

Conrad Istanbul, Turkey

5-night stay July 14-19, 2014.

Conrad Istanbul

Here is a hotel where the 5-night rate would be over $1,481 after tax for this stay on a flexible cancellation rate or $1037 for a prepaid, nonrefundable rate.

Using points, the 5-night stay is 120,000 points (5th night free) or about $600 with the Daily Getaways points purchase rate.

Points & Money award would be 60,000 points + $230. This reduces the nightly rate from about $296 per night after tax to $106 per night paying $60 in points + $46 cash.

This is exactly the kind of value I would be looking for if buying these points. This is an example of how points can bring a $300 per night luxury hotel down to around $100 per night when buying these points through Daily Getaways.

Unfortunately, Istanbul is not in my immediate plans.

Obviously there are good deals to be found. I am just not sure there are sufficiently good values to be found in the places where I will be to make a $500 speculatively purchase.

This Daily Getaways HHonors points deal might be a good one for you.

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