SPG Hot Escapes now sorts by price

Another enhancement to the weekly SPG Hot Escapes website is the ability to sort hotels by room rate. I just noticed that feature with this week’s edition of hotels. There are 161 hotels on the SPG Hot Escapes list with 43 hotels in the USA.

SPG filters

SPG Hot Escapes hotels sorted from low to high room rates.

Sheraton Sharm in Egypt has 22 dates over next six weeks with hotel room rates at $51 per night.

SPG Price Filter

The price filter has a sliding bar for setting a rate range, say up to $150 per night. I don’t need to see a $784 room rate for a hotel, even if it is a tremendous discount.

SPG price filter bar

Filter SPG Hot Escapes hotels by price with a range of room rates. There are actually dozens of hotels under $100 on this week’s SPG Hot Escapes.

Filter by category is simply a duplicate of the sidebar ‘location type’ categories and not SPG categories. I thought it would be cool to be able to sort by SPG category and compare room rate discounts to the hotel category level for a quick assessment of price to category. I’d like to see where I could get a category 5 hotel for under $150.

Alas, SPG award category is not the function of this category filter.

SPG category filter

This is simply the same category list that has always been located on the left sidebar of SPG Hot Escapes since the weekly promotional rates rolled out months ago.

SPG Hot Escapes has added enhancements to its website this past month with a “View All Deals” list of hotels ordered geographically by region and country and shows the number of hotels in each country.

And now, the site offers the option to sort and filter Starwood Hotels by price.


The geographic filter could still be improved by breaking down the USA into different states or at least order the hotels alphabetically by state. I had to search Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina individually to see if there were any Starwood Hotels in this week’s list.

SPG Hot Escapes

  • Prepaid, nonrefundable rates.
  • Weekly list is posted on Wednesday and rooms must be booked by Saturday.
  • Posted discount rates available for select dates over next six weeks. Some hotels only offer the posted rate for one or two dates and other hotels offer the low rates for many dates.
  • These discount rates earn points, promotion credit and elite credit.


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