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Hilton HHonors 2x Points May 1-July 31, 2014 (but, only if your hotel opted in)

Hilton HHonors offers double points for hotel stays from May 1 to July 31, 2014. That is an extra 10 bonus points per dollar. The offer also allows HHonors members to choose double miles, but since HHonors eliminated Points & Fixed Miles earning this year, the double miles bonus offer is only 2 miles per dollar in hotel spend.

Double Your HHonors promotion registration is required.

  • Double Points = 25 points per dollar for Points & Points earners.
  • Double Points = 20 points + 1 mile per dollar for Points & Miles earners choosing double points.
  • Double Miles = 10 points + 2 miles per dollar for Points & Miles earners choosing double miles. Here is the list of airline partners.

Most HHonors members will find better value earning double points.


  • You can earn double points while keeping Points & Miles earning preference.
  • Double points or miles can be earned for up to two rooms on same reservation.

But, will you actually earn double points for your HHonors stay?

The list of Hilton brand hotels opting out is over 600 properties with 575 of these hotels in the USA. I made a Hilton reservation yesterday for a South Carolina hotel in May. It is one of the hotels that opted out of this double points offer.

Charleston, South Carolina shows 18 Hilton brand hotels when searching rates on the Hilton website. Out of these hotels, 11 of 18 properties in the Charleston, South Carolina area opted out of this promotion.

HHonors double promo

Double Your HHonors promotion May 1 – July 31, 2014.

So now we have the offers from Starwood 2x/3x(Sundays) and HHonors 2x. Both chains have spend based promotions.

Earning 25 points per dollar is a decent promotion from HHonors. $1,000 in hotel spend pulls in 25,000 points, and more if you have elite membership. The list of hotels opting out in the USA is the primary limitation.


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