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Best Western $50 Travel Card after two stays April 7–May 18, 2014

Best Western Rewards Jump Start to Summer promotion runs April 7 –May 18, 2014 for a $50 Best Western travel card after two hotel stays. There is a one card per member limit for this promotion offer. The Best Western travel card must be redeemed by September 30, 2014.

This is a global promotion covering more than 4,000 Best Western hotels worldwide.

Promotion registration is required prior to qualifying hotel stays.

Analysis: This is a basic hotel offer that will provide a $50 gift card after two stays. Assume two 1-night stays at $75 and the $50 gift card value is a 33% rebate on hotel spend. The more expensive the two stays are, the less rebate on hotel spend for earning this promotion.

$50 travel card is not great incentive for changing stays to Best Western, but a decent rebate if you need a couple of 1-night stays over the next month and a Best Western hotel meets your needs.

The short validity of the travel card with a September 30, 2014 expiration essentially means planning two hotel stays with Best Western over the next month and a third stay by the end of summer to take full advantage of this offer.

Best Western 50 promo


  • LauraPDX April 11, 2014

    Hi Ric,
    Do you know if you can use the travel card in Europe if the 2 stays were in the US?
    (As in how do you pay in Euros with a $50 card?)

  • Ric Garrido April 11, 2014

    Best Western Travel Card can be used for hotel payment worldwide. Currency exchange will be based on the specific property’s exchange rates.

    Here are FAQ for Best Western Travel Cards:

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