Iowa Farm Country Shopping

A couple of quick photos of Iowa farm country life before I dash off for a day of city activities in Chicago.

Yesterday I visited Cinnamon Ridge Farm where the family runs an unstaffed honor system store. Pick up your farm fresh groceries and leave payment in the slot.

Would this work in your town?

Country Cupboard

The Country Cupboard

We only spent a few minutes together, but I think we bonded in that short space of time.

Farm goat pet.

This pet goat was a friendly playful character.

The realization that hit me was even though I worked in Sacramento, California four years as a quality control laboratory tester in a large scale industrial creamery for processing milk into dairy products in the 1980s, I visited a dairy farm for the first time ever yesterday in Iowa.

Diggin’ it on Dig In! Iowa Ag Tour.

It is a grounding experience for a suburban lifestyle person to see how the food that fills the shelves in grocery stores is produced.

Iowa farm

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  • MaryE April 6, 2014

    I went to school in Iowa for my undergrad. I’m from Southern CA originally. I can never get over how friendly people are in Iowa. A not to miss town is Pella, Iowa. Make sure to stop by Jaarasma Bakery there and pick up some Dutch letters. To die for bakery goods! I’m not affliated with Jaarasma, in any way. I just think everyone in Iowa and visiting should try the Dutch letters. They are super delicious.

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