Hotel News hotel loyalty membership registration coming in 2014

Up to this point in time, as enters its third year of operation as a pop-up annoyance when searching hotel chain sites, the greatest use I have derived from the company is a t-shirt I picked up at a TBEX conference in 2012 and still wear regularly. RoomKey is owned by hotel chains including Choice, Hilton, Hyatt, InterContinental and Wyndham. The idea is to try and draw you back into a chain hotel booking after leaving one of the the hotel chain’s booking sites when you see the RoomKey pop-up screen. So when you check a Hilton hotel for New York, RoomKey displays other hotels in its network of chain hotels with rates.

RoomKey is planning enhancements to its website that may make the site more desirable than annoying.

Welcome to Room Key

Founded by the world’s leading hotel companies, hospitality is who we are and what we do. Featuring 100+ brands you trust across 159 countries, each time you book direct through Room Key, you earn your qualifying hotel rewards. For maximum value, link your hotel rewards programs to compare member-only benefits on Room Key…then simply Search hotels. Book direct. Relax. has an interview article with Room Key CEO John F. Davis III discussing a new concept to be introduced in 2014. RoomKey will allow members to register their loyalty program memberships. will then organize hotel rates at hotel chains where you have status. Clicking on the hotel will detail the benefits you can expect at the hotel based on your loyalty membership and elite status. You can check your nights and stays and point balance in different hotel loyalty programs. There is a hotel loyalty program dashboard image in the Tnooz article.

Perhaps even more significant is the article suggests the recent UK ruling on hotel rates price-fixing by Expedia, and hotel chains means members of a closed group like loyalty program membership can be offered lower rates than publicly available. Hyatt is already doing this with their 20% off Elite Member discount.

Hotel stay promotions may move beyond targeted personalized points offers like IHG Big Win to targeted loyalty member discount rates. as a standalone website.

The growth of mobile booking in the hotel industry sounds like it has been an impediment to growth. The website changes with hotel loyalty membership registration are aimed at making a direct hotel booking destination website since pop-ups do not work in a mobile environment.

For me, a dashboard of loyalty program data while I am planning hotel bookings is a desirable feature.

If can also add promotion bonus data to room rate searches, then that would be a major innovation. It would be a great convenience to know that booking the next Marriott stay would earn a free night with MegaBonus or that Hyatt Place night comes with an extra 1,000 bonus points.



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  • Kris March 31, 2014

    They’ve had the loyalty linking system in place for months now, it’s nice, but I know what benefits I get, so it’s not all that helpful. That said, roomkey is the first (and often only) place I search for hotels.

  • Ric Garrido March 31, 2014

    @Kris – you miss a lot of Best Rate Guarantee opportunities that way.

    I always check first and look for Best Rate Guarantee discrepancies and potentially bigger rate discounts.

  • LIH Prem April 1, 2014

    loved the first line Ric.


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