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LAX-Paris or LAX-AMS $660 United with Stockholm or Copenhagen stopover spring and fall travel

There are some great discounts to Europe between Delta and United tickets from USA to Scandinavia before May 15 and after August 24. Los Angeles and San Francisco have some deep discount deals today for roundtrip flights to Scandinavia under $600. Delta has about a dozen destinations in Denmark, Norway and Sweden at rates of $500 to $625. No stopovers allowed on the Delta/KLM/Air France flights.

More interesting is the possibility for tickets out of Los Angeles with United and Star Alliance carriers to fly to Amsterdam or Paris for the bulk of your trip and tag on Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm for one to three nights or many more if you choose. This drops the fare for a ticket to Amsterdam or Paris from around $1,100 to under $700.

Some low-fare itineraries I have seen.

  • $555 LAX-Copenhagen (CPH) Air France, April 13-22
  • $528 LAX-Stockholm, Sweden (ARN) United Oct 20 – Nov 3
  • $625 San Francisco – Bergen, Norway (BGO) KLM  May 5 – May 25
  • $640 San Francisco – Bergen, Norway (BGO) KLM April 9 – 17

Flight with 10 days in Paris and 3 nights in Stockholm, Sweden.

$664 LAX-CDG Los Angeles-Paris-Stockholm September 1-15

  • Monday, Sep 1 LAX-YUL Montreal AC 798 11:45am – 8:05 pm
  • Monday, Sep 1 YUL-CDG AC 870 8:55pm – 9:35am
  • Friday, Sep 12 CDG-ARN Paris-Stockholm, Sweden SAS 2572 2:00pm-4:25pm
  • Monday, Sep 15 ARN-EWR Stockholm-Newark UA 69 9:05am-12:05pm
  • Monday, Sep 15EWR-LAX Newark-Los Angeles UA 1493 2:00pm-4:58pm

Flight with 11 days in Amsterdam and 3 nights in Copenhagen, Denmark.

$669 LAX-Amsterdam (AMS)-CPH-LAX United Airlines Oct 20 – Nov 3

Monday, October 20

  • LAX-IAH UA 1499
  • IAH-AMS UA 58

Friday, October 31 (11 days in Amsterdam)

  • AMS-CPH SAS 556

Monday, November 3

  • CPH-EWR UA 69
  • EWR-LAX UA 1493

Thanksgiving Week November 20-29


Paris for seven nights and one night in Copenhagen.

  • LAX-CDG Thursday Nov 20
  • CDG-CPH Friday Nov 28
  • CPH-LAX Saturday Nov 29


  • LAX-AMS Thursday Nov 20
  • AMS-CPH Friday Nov 28
  • CPH-LAX Saturday Nov 29

Finding these deals is a matter of playing with a few tools.

Google Flights Map

Google flights-1

Google Flights has a useful map function. Type in your departure city and dates, then scroll around the world to find airfares. Change the dates and see how airfares change.

The map can be enlarged to locate smaller airport cities.

KLM Alesund

I purchased a $541 ticket on United a couple of weeks ago for SFO-OSL on a two week September trip to Oslo. Alesund is one of the areas where I am planning to go. This map shows me I could have flown Delta/KLM SFO-AES to Alesund, Norway for $625 in May.

Google Flight Maps is quicker than ITA Software Matrix Flight Search or the airline sites. Many of the deals I found were simply changing dates on Google Flights Map and then playing with stopovers for in Paris and Amsterdam for UA/Star Alliance flights.

Playing with Google Flight Maps and ITA Software Matrix Flight Search allows discount fares to be located and then recreated on or one of the OTA sites like Expedia and Orbitz.

I have only played with stopovers in Amsterdam and Paris and flights to Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Stopovers may be possible in London and other cities. There are still a few  low fare dates remaining in April and May.

Finding the stopover fares out of Los Angeles is fairly easy. Routing San Francisco to Los Angeles also reduces the fare, but you might be better off just buying a separate ticket to LAX. The fares from San Francisco with stopovers in Amsterdam or Paris price out $100 more.

Read my post earlier today for a step-by-step to using ITA Software Matrix Flight Search and read tutorials.

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  • Ric Garrido March 25, 2014

    $695 for LAX-London

    Monday Sep 1 LAX-LHR
    LAX-YVR AC 555 2:15-4:59pm
    YVR-LHR AC 854 6:30pm-11:40am arrival in London Sep 2.

    Sat Sep 13
    LHR-ARN SAS 532 1:50pnm-5:20pm arrival in Stockholm, Sweden.

    Mon Sep 15 ARN-EWR UA 69 9:05am-12:05pm
    EWR-LAX UA1493 2:00pm-4:58pm

    $695 total fare.

    LAX-LHR fare is showing $1,100 to $1,300 during this period.

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