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Don’t Worry, this happens every year at Starwood

A FlyerTalk member noticed his Cash & Points reservation for Athens Grand Bretagne changed this week from 18,000 points + $330  to 30,000 points + $540 for a 3-night stay.

Luxury Collection Grand Bretagne Athens is one of the hotels to rise from Category 5 to Category 6 last week. Athens is suffering riots in the streets, and the tourists and business people are paying more for the comfort of being out of the maddening crowds.

Starwood Lurker responds,

My apologies for the inconvenience. This happens every year when the categories change and a property goes up. Just ignore it. No one is coming after you for more points or cash.

Best regards,
William R. Sanders
Social Media Specialist
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Don’t worry about a thing. Every little thing is going to be all right.

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Speaking of Athens

I’ll be in Athens October 23-25 for TBEX14 Europe, the travel blog exchange conference. Looking forward to the trip. This will be my first time visiting Athens and Greece.

I haven’t been close to a street riot since TBEX11 Vancouver when the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup hockey finals.


  • Bruce W March 13, 2014

    My wife and I will be there at the same time for our first visit!

  • smittytabb March 13, 2014

    Just had the same thing happen with IHG. Property that was 38,000 points magically now had taken 40.000 points out overnight. Is this common? I mainly noticed because 38 is such a strange amount. Any experience changing these back? Seems like a lot of detail work to keep track of already booked rooms!

  • TravelBloggerBuzz March 13, 2014

    Funny you mention this as I was doing an award reservation for my client at the very last minute and found out that the price change occurs based on local time! I should have known that but I didn’t. Anyways, a few back and forth with the twitter spg folks and they let me book two nights there. BEST location. Very grand style, too stuffy for me. Ludicrous it went up one category. I prefer the Hilton just one subway north of here. I booked two nights there for my client too at 40k HH pts per night (late April). Lounge and pool/fitness center is awesome there. There is a new Radisson Blu that looks good and has cheaper rates but location is not very good. The IC is pretty good I hear but not at the greatest part of town (still safe by US standards). The Holiday Inn near the airport is almost new, got that on a Pointbreaks a few years ago, what a super deal! Shuttles to/from airport. Subway is awesome in Athens. Check out for info on traveling in Greece, best tourist website on Greece by far, enjoy!

  • Gerald March 13, 2014

    I live in Athens — Hilton is not in same league as GB plus for tourist the GB location is much better , If the financial situation was better the GB would be a 5 star EUROPEAN HOTEL and Hilton a 4 star American hotel , both are good just depends if want to feel your in America or Europe

    the travel blog greecetravel does a good job

    After all is said and done -Athens is still safer than most if not all American large cities

  • IntrovertlyBubbly March 20, 2014

    How long prior to and post are you guys thinking about staying? Have never been and looking for suggestions wrt how long to stick around and how early to arrive?

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