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Wyndham New Yorker at 14,000 points per reward night (Deal Gone)


Deal Gone: Wyndham New Yorker changed reward night price from 14,000 points to 50,000 points per night within 10 hours of this post. Now that reward rate seems too high at the top level. Hope this post helped you score a deal. —

Wyndham New Yorker is the latest hotel to join the Wyndham brand and is now the largest hotel of the 170 Wyndham hotels worldwide in the brand with 1,083 rooms. The hotel is located at Eighth Avenue and 34th street in Midtown Manhattan.

The 40-story hotel building is the fourth Wyndham Hotel in Manhattan along with Wyndham Midtown 45, Wyndham Garden Chinatown and Wyndham Garden Manhattan Chelsea West.

Wyndham New Yorker cat 4

I normally have little interest in visiting New York, but with Wyndham Rewards points to burn and finding the Wyndham New Yorker at 14,000 points per night, I booked five nights in May 2014 to get a taste of the Big Apple one more time.

New Yorker Award

Classic Metro Queen Room on Floor 19 or above at 14,000 points.

Yeah, that’s right. Wyndham New Yorker at 14,000 points per reward night.

Wyndham New Yorker rates

Published rates starting at $200 to $250 before tax ($230 to $290 after tax) make Wyndham Rewards points quite valuable for reward nights at 14,000 points for the Wyndham New Yorker.

Don’t be surprised if there is another unannounced change to Wyndham Reward hotel category for this hotel after today’s post.

TripAdvisor New Yorker Hotel Reviews

New Yorker TripAdvisor


Update: Wyndham Rewards is selling points with 20% bonus during March 2014. Normal rate is $11 per 1,000 points.

$143 buys 14,950 points. $264 buys 28,800 points. $385 buys 42,000 points to bring the room rate down to $129 per reward night.


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  • Ken Y. March 5, 2014

    Stayed here several times with friends who are crew. This place is a DUMP! Stay far away.

  • Fishing4Deals March 5, 2014

    I haven’t stayed there myself, but have friends with an interest in art deco architecture who have enjoyed the New Yorker. The hotel sits practically on top of Penn Station making it convenient if you arrive by train.

  • Ric Garrido March 5, 2014

    Looked back to 2011 to see what I paid for my Wyndham Rewards points. $2.60 per 1,000 points through Daily Getaways.

    Works out to $36.40 per night or $182 for a 5-night hotel stay in Manhattan.

    Doubt you can find any other hotel dumps in Manhattan at that rate.

    Update 3/5/14: Looked back over my records and saw I paid $324 for 60,000 Wyndham Rewards points last July 2013 in U.S. Travel Association Daily Getaways. I redeemed my 2011 points for Ramada stays in Oregon in 2011 and Los Angeles in 2012 and I think I must have had 20,000 points left when I bought 60,000 points in July 2013. So this was $350 I actually paid for 70,000 points through DailyGetaways for this 5-night reward stay. $70 per night is still a decent deal, but not like $36 per night. Shows how much Wyndham Rewards increased the cost of points over two years.

    Daily Getaways returns May 19-June 20, 2014.

  • Ric Garrido March 5, 2014 has a thorough review of Wyndham New Yorker.

  • Ric Garrido March 5, 2014

    Mommy Points has screen shots showing the Ramada New Yorker went from 16,000 points to 35,000 points in January 2013 in this blog post:

    Wyndham has changed its hotel reward structure three times in the past 15 months, and 14,000 points is the best reward rate yet for this property.

  • smittytabb March 5, 2014

    Have stayed there. Largely agree with Ken Y. Smallest hotel room I have ever stayed in in NYC. There are so, so many better options. My favorite despite its location is the Conrad which is not a bad redemption on points even after the devaluation. It’s not 14,000, but really I’d never stay at the New Yorker again, period.

  • Ric Garrido March 5, 2014

    Don’t say small in the hotel world, say bijou.

    My tour of Manhattan in fall 2012 was primarily sight-seeing. Five nights in a bijou room will motivate me to get out and see other hotels around Manhattan this trip.

    I can’t imagine a 150 sq. ft. room! That will give me a new low space record for a full-service hotel.

    Certain to generate blog filler.

  • smittytabb March 5, 2014

    As a linguist by training and a speaker of French, I have never seen this term. “Bijou” is a French word for “jewel”. If the hotel were more special, I would get your use of this word to describe it. I agree it is a bargain, no question, but a gem, not so much:) I am widely traveled staying in rooms all over the world. This room was the most “bijou” ever.

  • Ric Garrido March 5, 2014

    ‘Bijou’ is a description of the small room from the movie The Matchmaker when Janeane Garofalo needs a room in an Ireland village hotel during a matchmaking festival and she ends up in a closet sized room.

  • […] spotted a fantastic use of Wyndham Reward points today on Loyalty Traveler’s blog. Sadly I have been left holding a (smallish) bag of Wyndham Reward points after their recent (often […]

  • Ric Garrido March 5, 2014

    Wyndham New Yorker is now posted as 50,000 points per reward night. Joins Wyndham Poipu Beach Kauai in the top Wyndham category.

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