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Loyalty Traveler table of Hilton brands 2014 hotel data and average rates

The Hilton IPO of December 2013 resulted in more portfolio transparency with public access now available to Hilton Worldwide hotel data. Finally, I can create a table of numbers for the ten Hilton brands from the company’s quarterly financial report covering 2013 full year and Q4-2013.

One of the most annoying aspects of Hilton Worldwide the past few years is the company did not publicly release information about its hotel numbers and room rates across the hotel chain. Basic data was not easily accessible for stuff like:

  • How many Hampton Inn or Hilton Garden Hotels are open?
  • What are average room rates at different Hilton hotel brands?
  • Which hotel brands are in different regions?
  • How many Hilton brand hotels are outside the USA?

Gathering these pieces of data with other hotel chains is simply a matter of checking the quarterly investor financial reports publicly available on the web. Hilton Worldwide as a private company until late 2013 did not post most of this data and their website was always hard to determine which data was accurate since some webpages citing hotel brand statistics were several years old.

The fall 2013 Hilton IPO changed all that.

Here are Hilton hotel brand statistics based on the 12-31-2013 year end data.

Hilton 2014 hotel numbers


  • 85% of Hilton Worldwide hotels are in the USA at 3,472 hotels.
  • 593 hotels are outside the USA with 253 hotels in Europe, 165 in Americas outside USA, 111 in Asia Pacific and 64 hotels in Middle East and Africa.
  • Waldorf-Astoria and Conrad remain fairly small hotel brands in the luxury market segment with each just cracking 20 hotels worldwide. Conrad is mostly in Asia-Pacific.
  • Hilton Hotels has 246 hotels in the USA with a large number of rooms on average with over 400 rooms per hotel. DoubleTree in the USA have 31 more hotels and 29,000 fewer rooms than Hilton.
  • Hilton in Europe is a relatively large hotel brand with 151 hotels. Only 45% of Hilton Hotels are in the USA and 27% of Hilton Hotels are located in Europe.
  • Hilton and DoubleTree hotels are truly the international face of Hilton Worldwide.
  • Five of the 10 Hilton Worldwide hotel brands are primarily only in the USA. Nearly 95% of the hotels in Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton Inn, Embassy Suites, Homewood Suites and Home2 Suites are located in the USA.
  • Hampton Inn at 1,937 hotels maintains the race with Holiday Inn Express and Comfort Inn for the most prevalent upper midscale hotel brand globally.
  • I am curious about the eight ‘Other’ nondescript hotels on the record books.
  • Home2 Suites at 27 properties is a brand I still have not seen since it launched in March 2011. This brand is not growing that quickly. Home2Suites is the only Hilton brand that earns 5 points per $1. All other Hilton brands earn 10 points per dollar.

I am happy to see Hilton Worldwide public now in an easily accessible format.


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  • CMO Guy February 27, 2014

    I assume two of the nondescript hotels are The Drake in Chicago and The Trafalgar in London. I’m not sure what the other 6 are though.

  • Ric Garrido February 28, 2014

    @CMO Guy – I assumed The Drake was a Hilton brand. I played around with the site and only selected Hilton brand hotels for Chicago and The Drake is one of four listed, however, there is no mention of the Hilton brand on the webpage for The Drake. The Palmer states a “Hilton Hotel”.

    The Drake may be one of the eight.

    I like the feature of a cushioned bench in the elevator at The Drake.

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