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Wyndham Rewards Groundhog Day 2x points to March 21, 2014

Wyndham Rewards has an offer for double points on four stays over the next six weeks. Seems kind of like kicking sand in the face of frequent flyers who saw the points-to-miles exchange rate for Wyndham Rewards cut in half on January 31.

Members will earn 20 points per dollar for paid stays through the groundhog promotion. Stays must be completed by March 21 to be eligible for double points.

Register for the “Groundhog Day” promotion at or by calling 866-996-7937. In addition to earning double points for their stays, members who stay using their Wyndham Rewards Visa(R) card will receive an extra 500 point bonus per stay.

Wyndham Groundhog

Cute image for Wyndham Rewards Groundhog promotion.


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  • robbo February 4, 2014

    Stuff them! What a joke. I punted them after their gross act of corporate disloyalty. Devaluation without any notice. Who do these people think we are! As I said, STUFF THEM” Never again.

  • D Wonderment February 4, 2014

    Gone with the Wynd
    How generous of them gut your program without notice and then offer a double points promotion?
    That’s one way to cut potential expenses.

    They must be on some serious drugs
    How’s this advice to Wyndham’s corporate crooks
    Now go spend million’s buying new customers to replace the ones who will never return not to mention the ill will that will take years from bad decision making to erase

  • robbo February 4, 2014

    I would dearly love to find out the name of what idiot was responsible for this act of corporate greed. I could keep it in my file so I make sure I never hire the fool by mistake. In australia, the local colloquialism for this type of individual is “wanker” and this one is of the first class kind. Couldn’t agree more with your sentiments D Wonderment

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