Hilton HHonors Points and Money Rewards table

While working on an article on Cash and Points Rewards for Inside Flyer magazine, I find myself closely studying the Hilton HHonors website today.

On October 3, 2011 I found a Hilton HHonors Points and Money Rewards chart on the Hilton website and included the chart in my Loyalty Traveler post analyzing HHonors Points & Money Rewards.

Within a few hours of my article being published, the chart was removed from the Hilton HHonors website and never reappeared again.

So here is a new 2014 chart based on my survey of HHonors Points & Money Rewards today.

HHonors Points & Money table

The categories given above align with the cost of Points & Money Rewards when that hotel is at that Standard Reward points price for the date.

In my article Hilton HHonors Seasonal Reward Rates clarified, I criticized Hilton HHonors for having a range of points rates associated with the cost of a Standard Reward night. For example, what Hilton calls a Category 8 hotel can be priced at 40,000; 50,000; 60,000 or 70,000 points per night depending on the month of the year. This is what Hilton HHonors calls Seasonal Rewards.

I call “seasonal rewards” a floating hotel category since the Points & Money rate fluctuates to correlate to 40% of the points for a Standard Reward on any specific date. There are 10 HHonors hotel reward categories and there are 10 different Points & Money Reward rates associated with these ten HHonors hotel reward category levels.

One benefit of international travel is the co-pay in many countries for a Points & Money Reward is slightly lower than the US Dollar amount shown.

In addition to the lower co-pay for some international hotels, most international countries do not charge additional tax on the cash portion.

In the USA, hotel tax is usually charged on the Points & Money copay amount.


Please leave a comment about the Points & Money table or any feedback you have on HHonors Points & Money Rewards. I will be working on the InsideFlyer article over the next couple of days.

Feel free to comment on any other hotel loyalty program’s Cash and Points rewards. Your feedback and questions might be points I can use in the article.


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  1. This is off-topic from HHonors, but can anyone share some good value anecdotes with Club Carlson Points + Cash?

    I am having a tough time finding where this reward option is a great deal.

  2. Did a points and cash stay at Hilton Garden Inn at the convention center in Philly this month, paid $75 plus the 16k points per night.

  3. I would like to be able to find out which Hilton brands offer points and money rates on certain dates. There is no place on the Hhonors website that will give that info.

  4. @jvm – you need to search by flexible dates and use HHonors points. In theory, you can check for Standard Rewards or Points & Money Rewards or published rates scrolling through dates two weeks at a time for a specific hotel. This is the easiest way.

    In my research playing with the flexible dates option I found it did not always work for specific hotels.

  5. Rick,
    I just want to be lazy. I want to put in certain dates and have the website tell me what hotels in the world offer Points & Money Rewards for those dates. Oh well, I guess I still have to put a bit of work into it.

  6. Who omit the obvious? Put another column there of the cost per point dividing the dollars spent by the amount of miles saved.

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