IHG Sweepstakes sucks your points like a vacuum Jan 6-March 30, 2014

IHG Rewards Club has a new sweepstakes in 6 separate phases for a chance to win prizes. But, there is a catch. To enter, you need to spend points for entries.

400 points buys an entry into the 1 million points prize. Technically, you can enter for free without points if you remember how to mail a postcard.

IHG 2014 prizes

You need to spend 50 to 400 points for one entry. Members are limited to purchasing ten entries per day of the sweepstakes.

Instant win prizes are available for 25 points per entry for a prize like a $10 iTunes card. Limit of 3 instant win prize entries per day.

Promotion is only open to US and Canada residents, excluding Quebec.

IHG Sweepstakes 2014

Basically, IHG Rewards Club is giving members the opportunity to burn over 4,000 points per day for a chance to win 1 million points and other prizes.

That is a hotel loyalty program vacuum suck if I have ever seen one. IHG will suck your points away on the chance of winning a dream prize of one million points.


Top Prizes in IHG Sweepstakes

All in all, I say stay away from this game.

I burned 300 points today for a chance at a Canon camera, but I doubt I will play this IHG Sweepstakes again.

I redeemed 5,000 points for a hotel night in California next week on PointBreaks. That gives me $25 per 1,000 points in real value for a hotel stay.

Tossing out 300 points today for a chance at a camera is like blowing $8 in points. I don’t think I will debit my points again for a chance to win a prize during the remainder of this promotion.


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  1. what a bunch of BS burning points to enter the iHG lottery
    I never hated this company before just thought they were foolish
    now I know they are greedy and evil

  2. So to get the 1,000,000 points if they get the average they need 2500 people to burn 400 points to cover their expenses…..

  3. I’d like to propose they give me 500 points not to enter or do business with them 😉

  4. @DJP – 2500 entries, not people. To break even in a day, all they need are 250 folks who do the maximum of 10 entries.

    I looked at those odds and decided this was a bad way to spend points.

  5. Totally did the entry for the instant win for the itunes gift card, tried 3 times and got it. Question is though, is there more than 1 per day, per contest? I may be reading the terms wrong.

    Playing daily to win seems like a huge loss, the idea of random lotto im sure is enticing to a lot of people.

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